Problem with p10 camera not auto focussing

  • 21 August 2018
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Hello, there.
Since 3 days my camera have the same problem. I am so sad, because I bought this phone for the perfect camera and it is neseccary for my work. It works normal only in monochrome. PLEASE for info.
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Hi @IvaRalcheva,

Welcome on the community and sorry to see that you are having problems with your device. Please follow @CharlieT's advice in the comment above yours.
Hi there,
I'm experiencing the same problem with Helen my camera wont focus/pics go blurry what to do?
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Hi @Kinki_magic welcome to the community. First, please try a reset to see if this helps (make a back up first). If this doesn't solve the issue, then please contact your local service desk.
Hi Helen,

I also am having the same problem with the camera.
These phones are so great & use my camera for work issues.

Kind regards