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This article has been released via GizmoChina this morning

Huawei P20 Pro receiving Android 9.0 Pie update in Europe

Whilst this doesn't specifically say when the dates are, the details are on the servers and it seems rolling out across Europe this quarter across Honor and Huawei devices.

As a sidenote, I have reached to Huawei in China last Friday, but as China is on a National Holiday all this week, I've been advised I should have some answers next week as to what is happening in the UK.

Hope you find this article helpful

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still no word on the normal p20 seems even the lite gets more love
many folks have got in contact seems its same reply....

just wonder what we have instore 2020 update rolls to uk
Any news on this? The last google security patch is almost 6 months old now !!
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Gibbylinks wrote:

Any news on this? The last google security patch is almost 6 months old now !!

Which are you using @Gibbylinks and what software update are you currently on?
Build Number which shows Android Security Patch as 1 December 2018
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I'm running a Mate P20 Pro and on whist my Mate P10 Pro is on - out of interest @Gibbylinks what do you feel you are missing?

From dealing with Huawei in many areas and hearing Google talk about them with regards to the Android OS and Security, whilst they don't push updates every week or so like Android do, the way they deliver them seems to provide a secure and more robust/stable update, so your thoughts on what you feel your missing will be of interest
It's not a case of missing out. It's a security issue. Whilst I wouldn't expect Huawei to be on the same page as Pixel devices, I would have expected the security patches to be delivered a little more frequently.

I thought there was some directive from Google in this respect, weren't they putting pressure on manufacturers to deliver these patches quicker and more frequently.

Not bothered about new features, just a monthly update on the patch would make me happier.


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