Sound quality P-smart awful and very muffled

  • 8 June 2019
  • 5 replies

Hi, bought the p-smart around a month ago. Since then I've been to a few music festivals and recorded some footage while I was there, afterwards I watched the footage back and to my surprise the audio quality was awful and was very muffled. Not too sure what I can do to solve this as this phone is more a less brand new 😞

5 replies

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Hi @Chrisleadley18,

Sorry to hear about the situation!

Could you please record a video along with audio and tell us if the same audio quality can be heard on the video?

Best wishes,
Sorry it says I'm unable to attach a video as an error message pops up saying that video cannot be sent as only file types that are supported are GIF, JPEG, PNG etc. No video file types 😞
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Hi @Chrisleadley18

I don't think Max wants to see the video, he wants you to check if the same bad audio quality can be heard in a more recent video.

Could you let us know please? 🙂
i have the same issue anything i record where sound is at a higher level the recording sounds really bad and distorted. its like having the phone right up close to a sound system and not being able to here anything. i personally think the microphone settings is set to high for example the gain on the mic is increased. making the microphone VERY sensitive. is there a way to decrease this setting in the phones audio settings
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Hey @phonic72,

Are you still having these issues? If so, please try to reset your device. If this doesn't help please contact our support team directly.

Will you keep us updated? 🙂