Time and Weather display has disappeared.

  • 26 June 2019
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My Time and Weather information has disappeared from my home screen. It is not on any of the other pages either.
I should say that I am able to see it (on the home screen) when I activate the "Home Screen Style" to "Drawer" (where it puts all apps in a drawer) but I want to use the "Standard" option.
Furthermore, when I do see it (as dual Home and World time) both times are the same.

In conclusion, I'd like to have the time and weather on the home screen and I would then like to correct the world time issue.

Hope this is clear,
Thanks in advance.

7 replies

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Hi @ochar,

Welcome on the community. :)

Are you using a P30? Please check out this thread and let us know if it helped.
Hello! I am using a P Smart Plus 2019.
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Hi Ochar,

Thanks for letting us know. I flagged this for our support team. 🙂
Hello, Thanks for looking into this. I still have no solution to the problem mentioned above.
Also worth noting, the link provided above does not work.

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@ochar not sure why the link was broken, I've updated with what I hope is the right link.
Thanks for the link BUT the solution provided ( pinch) does NOT work for my phone.
Again I would like to have Dual Time displayed on the clock wiget on my home screen. (Home time and some foreign city).

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@ochar , sorry that didn't help. The post is flagged for support, hopefully they can assist you.