Bought freebuds 2 free from China and won't work

  • 18 May 2019
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Right so I bought the freebuds 2 and tried connecting to my mate 20 pro which works but no sound and when I connect the app the update firmware it says there not connected but they are, I really wanna no if there faulty or not maybe its jus be but I'm good with technology and there are by far the hardest Bluetooth head set I've tried to connect and work

6 replies

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Do you have something else to test them with? Maybe another phone or a laptop/tablet with bluetooth?


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China phones do not run on international Android and thus your software is most probably incompatible, as the freebuds are probably china specific? My best guess)
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Hi @chillphone

Bluetooth is like USB in that it's backwards compatible with every previous version so 5.0 should work with 1.0.

Of course if you use a 5.0 device with 1.0, you won't get any 5.0 specific scrummy features, but the audio should work.

I think the myth that Chinese bluetooth won't work in other countries has been propogated to stop users buying grey imports.

Just my two pennorth....
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Yes the chap says it connects ie bluetooth but I'm not sure if the app will work with them as they may have some china specific built in software.

Example smatchwatch1 bought in china would only work with china devices, even though blue tooth connects.

But yet I'm not convinced those headphones have any software that would be regional? Maybe they need a specific api
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If they don't work together, then one or both of them need a firmware update to make them compatible. They should all work together.

But back to the original question, @Leighjohnjames did you try them with another device?
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Hi all,

according to this thread, the Chinese Feebuds should work with your Mate 20 Pro.

@Leighjohnjames Please let us know what you already tried. That would make it easier for others to help you. 🙂