Freebuds 2 pro problem with conversation quality

  • 14 February 2019
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I recently purchased Huawei freebuds 2 pro, from China.
I have an honor 10 which I syncing them with.
The conversation quality is epic bad.
While I hear the other guys perfectly and the incoming transfer is great, my voice and the outcoming transfer is horrible.
They hear me deep and like a robot.
Anyone can help me with?
Is there a firmware update available?

Best answer by Johnytlb3 16 February 2019, 00:49

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do as the earphones have bluetooth version 5.0 and our cellphones run bluetooth version 4.2.
And that is the problem.
I think we are doomed
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16 replies

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Hi @eminogrande, Welcome on the Huawei Community!

I moved your topic to this thread in which you also replied. And I removed your serial number as it's against community guidelines to share this in public.

I Asked Max, from support, to assist you in this thread.
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Hi @tommyp,

Thank you for the information!

Could you please message me in private with the serial number of your Freebuds 2?

I will be able to provide further troubleshooting in regards to the situation.

Thank you!

i've recently bought the new Huawei Freebuds 2 pro and have several issues

  • the connection drops while i'm on the phone (often for half a second or so)
  • i've already reseted the headphones several times
  • also the audio volume is not very high (i've tried multiple devices)
I'm having this issue with my iMac, my Macbook and my Motorola Play Z3 Play - are my headphones broken? If yes, is there any type of guarantee and can i get them fixed?
Thank you @Amy i thought it was deleted and already got upset. I hope you can help! @Max any ideas?
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Hi Johnytlb3,

Welcome on the community! Sorry to hear that the sound quality isn't great! 😞

I don't know if there is a firmware update but have you tried to reset your Freebuds? To do that: place both earphones in the charging box and press the function key 10seconds.

Please let me know the outcome! Let's hope you don't sound like a robot anymore after that.
Thanks a lot for the advise, I will try it now.

P. S I connected them yesterday to onother android phone and the quality was great on both ends.
I suppose it must be something with my honor 10(5 months since I bought it) .
Any ideas???
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Hi @eminogrande,

Can you please tell me what is the model of the mobile phone that you're using?

Looking forward to your reply!

Best wishes,
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@Max and @Johnytlb3 I think someone's given you duff info. Like USB, Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible with ALL previous versions of bluetooth. Of course if you wanted to use new wizzy bluetooth features, both device need to be 5 but bluetooth 5 will roll back to bluetooth 4 no problem.

If the Chinese BT5 earbuds won't talk to a European BT4.2 phone then one of them is faulty.

Just my two pennorth...

I need to say that the headphones are by way not as good as the Airpods from Apple. Conversation quality is very bad, also the sound-volume is half as loud.
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Hi @Johnytlb3,

Thank you for providing us with a brief explanation about the current situation you are facing.

Please be informed that there might exist compatibility issues in between European manufactured devices and Chinese manufactured ones.

As the Freebuds 2 Pro have been purchased from China, could you kindly PM me with their Serial Number so I can look further into this?
Also the device Serial Number and Build Number will prove useful! (The Honor 10 one.)

Looking forward to your private message.

Best wishes,
Hello again
I did reset my phones network settings and my freebuds, but the problem still exist 😢.

I suppose the problem is what Max says it is..
The question is....
Is there anything I can do?
Ty anyways for your time.
I am having the same issue. The quality during a call is really bad. I've reset the earphones but no luck. I've a P20 with MIUI 9. The sound I hear is out of sync on the L and R, and the people on the other side tells me the can't hear me well.

I'm trying to find a firmware update too.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do as the earphones have bluetooth version 5.0 and our cellphones run bluetooth version 4.2.
And that is the problem.
I think we are doomed
Hi, my freebuds 2 pro also have horrible sound quality. I'm using a Moto Z3 Play and an iMac, both have the problem that the signal drops out
Hello, I got my FreeBuds 2 Pro yesterday - and set them up no problem at all. But after a few hours of use they have already started causing issues - I'm using an iPhone 6s which I believe is noly bluetooth 4.2 - but still haven't had issues before with wireless headphones, I bought these as they are really nice design and black (they look a lot better than apples) but the sound quality is an issue the timing being out the buds just dropping out for no reason? I'm going to start the reset and see if this does anything, I'm guessing probably not after reading all these comments.

Surely Huawei being who they are going to address this issue with a product that is classed as a PRO product.
If anyone is able to shed any light on what the issue is with the buds I would greatly appreciate any help.
@Max I have the Google Pixel 3 and have a lot of connection problems with the freebuds 2 pro. I haven't been able to resolve this.