i want become a huawei product reviewer

  • 5 April 2019
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i would love to become huawei product reviewer

4 replies

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Wouldn't we all.. free stuff and all that lol
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I reviewed a tripod after I'd posted up a fair amount, so maybe that's the way in 🙂
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i would love to become huawei product reviewer

@benwhyte94 I can't help with becoming a reviewer, but you can always become a Huawei community helper and who knows, you might become a Huawei Wonder, which has some perks.
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People want to review products to get them for free....

I would love to do it as I love the latest Technology and huawei seems to be in the lead in innovation.

Most reviewers will sully their reviews due to getting something for free. I am honest and unbiased. I chose HTC before they became popular and started selling under their own name and stuck with them until they switched over to Android from Windows Mobile and became another 'me too' company that no longer innovated.

If I don't like something or think it is not impressive or feel it differentiates from what I'd already sold I wouldn't hold back on providing my honest opinion.

Like with the Mate 20 Pro. I feel that the glass is not strong as it is prone to smashing with a normal drop and scratching even though it is in a protective own brand active flip case. The sound fron the speakers needed more oomph and EMUI needs revamping to beat the others in modernising the android experience. The rest of the phone is impressive though and I can't wait to get my hands on the Mate X or even more obscure future product ideas. BTW I also need a job.... Just to put it out there.