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Hello recently i purchased P20 lite.I had never before a smartphone .i have for 8 years an old samsung.I have some difficulties while explore my new phone:
1)can i use alarm clock if i turn off?And how can i do it?
2)can enable display with a touch?until now have to push function button
3)At samsung i have some allready profiles for parameterize ring calls via enviroment.For example silent mode,open enviroment mode,in public,with more noise there an similar in huawei p20 lite?
Sorry for my bad english

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1. I would suggest setting your alarm and putting phone onto flight mode. Low power state and alarm will still go off.
2. P20 lite doesn't have tap to wake mode. However I believe under the motion control settings menu you can set your phone to wake when it's picked up.
3. I'm not sure about this one ....
Thank you one more question please.They are preinstalled about 65 apps.If i choose to reset factory settings all these apps will gone?
Hello.I have purchased P20 lite last week.I have some questions about using my phone:
1)when activate for first time i see about 65 apps installed from google.Are preinstalled or are auto downloading after actrivation.If so how can stop for ''finding'' my phone google apps?
2)If i choose reset factory settings all, and i mean all , applications will be deleted?
3)i test calls with making one ,for see interface of call's display ,without put device on my ear.The sound of calling(bip-bip) sound ,how can i say, in public.Like spaeker was on.How can stop it?
4)Can register my product?
5)Huawei has any official page for downloading wallpapers e.t.c?
I hope to help me ,and sorry for my bad english.
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Hi Vasilis,

I merged your two topics about the P20 Lite and asked our support team to assist you. 🙂
thank you very much!!
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Hi vasilis,

Congratulations on the purchase of the P20 lite, glad to see your enthusiasm in exploring its functions. In regards to the 65 pre-installed apps, the P20 lite comes with a variety of system applications and perhaps a few network added applications the exact count of which I am not sure of but these applications are a definite part of the device and a factory reset will not remove them. A factory reset will efect the internal memory of the device and reset the phone to the state it came in out of the box - this will not roll back any updates.
While making a call the phone has a speaker icon if that is on you can tap it once more to have the call strictly on the ear piece. You can also control the volume for the call via the volume bar situated on the right side above the power button.
For official wallpapers themes or any other personalization options there is a app called Themes - from here you can download any theme you wish - The official ones have the artist/producer marked as EMUI. You can also download and use any wallpaper you wish from a image search on the web or a image hosting website of your choice .I hope I managed to cover all the questions 🙂

Please feel free, if you have any other questions, to ask us via forum or via mail, chat or hotline at . We are here to help.

Best wishes,


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