Mediapad M5 case

  • 28 January 2019
  • 3 replies

Can anyone recommend a decent case to protect the Mediapad M5,

3 replies

I have the original Huawei case on my M5 10.8 and it's a superbly thought through design. It's also light and made from quality materials. I initially had one of the Amazon ones but found it too bulky. The only problem is that it is significantly more expensive than those on Amazon.
Mine doesn't leave the house, and my daughter is banned from coming within 6ft of it, so I've just gone for something low profile, with a folding front to allow it to stand itself when in landscape, for Netflix consumption. There are dozens like it on Amazon, in a myriad of colours.
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@HailVectron, @Randell, @sunking101, @CDN57, any advice? 🙂