Mediapad M5 case

  • 28 January 2019
  • 3 replies

Can anyone recommend a decent case to protect the Mediapad M5,

3 replies

Mine doesn't leave the house, and my daughter is banned from coming within 6ft of it, so I've just gone for something low profile, with a folding front to allow it to stand itself when in landscape, for Netflix consumption. There are dozens like it on Amazon, in a myriad of colours.
I have the original Huawei case on my M5 10.8 and it's a superbly thought through design. It's also light and made from quality materials. I initially had one of the Amazon ones but found it too bulky. The only problem is that it is significantly more expensive than those on Amazon.
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@HailVectron, @Randell, @sunking101, @CDN57, any advice? 🙂