Update fail freebuds

  • 18 November 2018
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When I try to update my freebuds, the update remain blocked on "préparing update"
Please help me is so annoying

Best answer by thomasribeiro 18 November 2018, 17:46

I try to update with an another phone and it's work
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8 replies

I try to update with an another phone and it's work
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Hi Thomasribeiro,

Welcome on the community! Thanks for sharing the solution with the community. Might be helpful for other users struggling with the same issue.

Please let me know if you need help with something else! 🙂
I bought a new freebuds they are working fine but for some reasons I am not able. To update them via freebuds software. Everytime I try to update the software can't find the device even though I am able to use the buds.
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Hi @Adnan Buchh,

I moved your question to this topic. Topicstarter @thomasribeiro shared a solution to this issue, could you please try this and let us know if it worked?

Looking forward to your reply! 🙂
Just i pay the huwawei freebuds but no one can hear me clear and i try to update it but the application can't find my freebuds, what can i do?
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Hi all,

The first step to try in this situation would be a Factory Reset to the Freebuds - How to Restore Factory Settings on FreeBuds :
• Open the charging case, put both FreeBuds inside, and leave the charging case open.
• Press and hold the function button for 10s (seconds) or more. After the indicator blinks in red, green, and blue, your FreeBuds are restored to their factory settings.

Depending on the device you are using with the Freebuds some users have noticed that a cache clear and data wipe of the android bluetooth app would resolve the issue they where experiencing.
After any such actions a unpair and repair of them with your handset is advised and of course make sure that you are using the latest software .

Also uninstalling and reinstalling the app has been proven as a easy fix for some users.

In situation that the issues still persist even after the troubleshooting steps and you have tested them with another device, the freebuds would have to be sent to our service department for a more hands-on approach.
To facilitate such a need the Huawei company has several different options depending on the region you are residing within .

For the UK region that we cater to on this medium you may contact our techsupport channels via mail, chat or hotline (free of charge of course 08000886700 Monday to Friday 9 am to 9pm Saturdays 9am to 5pm) at
To ensure a speedy process please bare in mind that the operator would need your private details such as Name; Model type; S/N; any documents related to the device, etc - please do mention that you have done the troubleshooting steps as mentioned on the forum and they will proceed to facilitate the service process.

Hope this helps.
Best wishes,
I updated my Freebuds but after the update I noticed sound delays in videos. I tried to reset the Freebuds to factory settings but it didn't solve the issue either. Is there any way to delet the last update????
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Hi Ghassaanraed92,

Sorry for the lack of replies in this thread! Did you still manage to solve this?

If not, please contact our support team directly, as the community do not seem to have an answer for your query: