Any ideas to unset outgoing calls during international roaming?

On my new P Smart in phone settings under Call Barring, Outgoing calls during international roaming is set, if I try to unset it it asks for a password.

My network provider settings are not set for barring

any ideas

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Hi MalvernHills!

Glad to hear that you are using our P Smart!

To answer your question, the call barring deactivation password can only be obtained from your network provider, as call barring is a Setting of the SIM card, not the phone.

So, in this case, please contact your network provider to request a call barring password.

Hope this proves useful! :D

The network provider is GffGaff and all the settings are available for the account online. All the settings online are correct i.e. no call barring, so there is a disconnect between the providers settings and the the phone.
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Thank you for coming back!

In that case, I would recommend checking this matter with a different SIM card from another network provider. In most cases, the call barring settings are taken directly from the SIM card.

Hi Max

Thanks for the reply.

I may be being slow, but what will this prove
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Checking with a different SIM card from another provider will allow us to check if the Call barring matter is a general one, or just related to your GiffGaff provider. As previously mentioned, call barring is a service provided by the SIM card. On the phone itself you can only configure it, but it's availability depends on the SIM and the network provider.

Please let me know if there's anything else you wish to know! :D

What I find strange is that this sim and account were previously in another phone (a nokia) and had none of these issues
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Hi MalvernHills,

I'm wondering if you are still dealing with this issue. Did you try a different sim card in your P Smart? Please let us know! 🙂
OK after many hours of speaking with both Giffgaff and Huawei here's where we are;

There is an issue with giffgaff simcards and the P Smart (maybe other phones too) if you have a need to change the call barring settings your phone will look for a pin based code which giffgaff don't support thereby making changes impossible. This manifests itself by asking for a call barring password (you'll have no idea what this is).

Giffgaff say they're looking at it, Huwaei say talk to giffgaff, given that Giffgaff sell huwaei phones I find this a bit rich.

I've sent my phones back while I wait for Giffgaff to resolve the issue (good luck with that)
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Hi MalvernHIlls,

Thank you for the update. I'll ask someone from our support team to look into it. If we get any more insights in this issue we'll share it with you it this thread. Its unfortunate to hear that you send the phones back, but I get that it was your last option. 😞

Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Hey MalvernHills,

I promised to get back to you on this matter if we had some more insights on this issue. I talked to our support team today and its surely a network provider issue. Did the people from GiffGaff ever got back to you on this matter?
Yes, they recognize that there's a problem. I think this is because they don't support pin-based security codes. The result is of course that the Huawei phone is not suitable for use with this network provider. I had the choice to either change my phone or change my network provider. This network provider is still selling these phones despite these problems.
I was told that they would get back to me, I'm not holding my breath

Now have bought different phones and have no problems.

Disappointing experience
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Hey MalvernHills,

Sorry to hear about the disappointing experience. 😞 But thanks for the update in this topic.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or anything else we can help you with!
Thanks for taking the time to respond, there is a deafening silence from Giffgaff, no surprise there. Have bought Motorola phones and very pleased with them
I have had exactly the same problem with my P10 Lite on Giffgaff and this is the first time I've found anyone who got even near and answer - thank you. It is a right pain and I won't buy Huawei again.
You're welcome it was like pulling teeth getting Giffgaff to admit there was an issue. They promised to let me know when they resolved it (not holding my breath) surprised they continue to sell them.
Hi just purchased a 9 lite as a stop gap when the screen on my Samsung Duos died, although I have replaced the sam screen I was so impressed with the 9 lite that I have continued to use it, noticed yesterday that the outgoing call barring when international roaming box is checked on the phone (both simms) tried to uncheck and it asks for barring password as per the info I found on various sites put in the default code 0000 and I get the message operation failed and the box re checks, how can I get this unchecked, although supposedly retired I take on a the odd project abroard and may be off again soon but the 9 lite is not a lot of use if I cant call out when I get there.
Had exact same problem and after much investigation came to the conclusion (as did Huawei) that it was a compatibility issue with the carrier (in my case Giffgaff) who didn't support passcode checking.
Options were
Live with it
Leave Giffgaff
Ditch Huawei

It being fixed by Huawei or Giffgaff isn't going to happen

Despite me moving on I was told I would be informed as to progress on this fault, and of course I never was

Good Luck
Hi but this is the same with an EE simm O2 (all be it GG) and my spare phone is a Three simm, I have used dual simm phones for years, in the past not all providers had reciprocal agreements with overseas local providers particularly in the far east so 2 simms from separate providers gave you a much better chance of getting hooked up, all these simms have been to and worked fine in America, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and China plus most of Europe, tried all the simms in 2 Samsungs a Nokia and a Motorola in all phones the barring section is ok unckecked, put any of the simms in the 9 lite and they all show the barring box checked, this has to be phone based problem and not network, the above networks are three of the largest in the country if Huawei are having compatibility problems with with all of them then their future in the market looks bleak, as for the default code the phone just does not recognise it, tried to use the default code to allow me to change the barring code and it still doesn't want to know, was about to steer the whole family over to Huawei /Honor but if you can't use the abroard and their own default codes don't work then it's not much use
I spent AGES trying to resolve this and got bounced between Giffgaff and Huawei, it wasn't worth the effort, Giffgaff could reproduce the problem but never resolved it.

I eventually switched to a Motorola phone and stayed with Giffgaff (I returned the Huawei phone as faulty)

No issues at all with Motorola which also feels like a more substantial bit of kit.

I seriously wouldn't waste your life trying to resolve this. Nobody else seems interested.
Yes you may well be right but I find it strange that a company the size of Huawei together with their projected ongoing growth rate don't want to solve a problem, you had it with a P smart I have with a 9 lite is it just these 2 models are are others having problems, I'm pretty sure that hundreds if not thousands of Huawei/Honor owners have been abroard with their phones without a problem and based on the law of averages they must cover every network that's available, do they actually work when abroard even with the box checked?, mine has now be relegated to a spare but will take it on my next just to see what happens, thanks for your input anyway.
Huawei were/are convinced that the problem lies with the way the carrier (Giffgaff inmy case) handled pin based call barring. Giffgaff gave me a complaint number, said they recognised the problem, could replicate it, and had passed it to their technical department. This was a year ago.

I don't think the problem is as simple as this carrier and that phone or as you say surely there would be more people with problems (although I've been contacted by quite a few).

I do think however that pin based call barring is at the heart of it.

To be fair to Huawei they did get back in touch to see if Giffgaff had resolved the issue, Giffgaff in the other hand dropped the issue like a hot cake once I had returned the phone to them.

I didn't find out if they DID work despite the call barring being set, if they do that could explain everything.
I wasn't prepared to wait for my next foreign trip to find out, I wanted it resolved within the "return" period.

I too am retired and from a technical background so the idea of not getting to the bottom of it does grind a bit.
However I'm also a pragmatist and this stank of "cant be bothered" so I let it go, in retrospect I'm glad I did as the Huawei phones although fairly feature rich did feel a bit flimsy.

If you do ever get to the bottom of it, let me know please
Yes I know what you mean, I hate not getting to the bottom of something, I have contacted Huawei customer services to see what they come up with, and yes every body will no doubt blame every body else but as I said I can't see three main networks/providers all having the same problem and it still wouldn't explain why one of their phones won't accept their own default codes
Same problem here with my partner's P9 lite and plusnet (piggybacking on EE).
No idea how to solve it after spending so many hours trawling through the internet.
I can only hope it would work despite bar.
What would be the point of having mobile phone which doesn't perform its most fundamental function whilst roaming...?
I suppose it must be plenty of people having Huawei handsets yet this particular problem doesn't come up very often on the internet... so there's hope it works and people just do not check the settings when everything is fine.
Will check this weekend as going abroad.

My own Honor 6x doesn't even have barring menu so it is not a problem for me. And it worked abroad perfectly albeit with Vodafone SIM.
Hi I have a strong feeling that the phone will work ok abroad even with the roaming box checked as this issue can't just be with the odd phone out of the 10;s of thousands sold, I can now get mine to uncheck but as soon as you leave the screen and then return to it, it's rechecked it's self, my son bought my grandson a 20 lite and that's fine, tried all my simms in his phone and they all show the roaming box unchecked, likewise tried the grandsons simm in my phone and you guessed it, the call barred/roaming box is checked, just further proof that this issue is phone/device based and absolutely nothing to do with simm/service provider, be interesting to hear how you get on, have a good trip and let us know the outcome.
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Hi all,

Regarding this issue, can you please check with the mobile provider? This is most likely an issue from their end.

What you can try doing from your devices will be to perform a network settings reset.

To do that, go to Settings > System > Reset > Network settings reset.

I trust this information will help on your inquiry. Nevertheless, if you still have any other questions or issues, please let me know!

Best wishes,


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