Bluetooth Track/Song Info in car

  • 24 December 2018
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I connect my Huawei P Smart to my VW Golf Mk7 via Bluetooth, but, when I play music with Spotify, the track information is always wrong.
It either displays track data from the previous song or it stays on the first song I play after connecting via Bluetooth.
Des anybody else have this issue?
Or have any idea how to fix it?
I've tried resetting all network settings (as advised by customer services) but it made no difference.
Thanks 😁

16 replies

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Hi andywightuk,

I am sorry to hear about the issue that you are are having.

Can you please PM me the serial number of your phone, the build number, the software version that you are having, as well as the specifications of your car (whether it is compatible with Android auto or not)?

Once you send me those details, I will forward this case further.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,
Hi Max,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have PM'd you.

Hi, sorry to piggyback but I'm having the exact same issue with my P20 Pro and my VW Polo. Strange since my previous phone until last week was a P9 and that worked perfectly.

Is there a fix for this?

Thank you.

(car doesn't have android auto BTW)
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Hi @lawriehimsworth,

Please PM @Max with the details as stated in his comment. He will assist you! 🙂
Apologies, but can I jump on this too. Same thing happens with my p20 pro, seat Leon and Deezer.
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Hi Geordiewookie,

Please, also send your info and a link to this thread to @Max in a private message. 🙂
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Same thing happens to me, but only sometimes.
Hyundai i20
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Hi all,

Thank you for PMing me with the Serial Numbers of your devices!

We have looked forward into this, and it seems that sometimes the songs track information won't update on spot as there is a delay.

Rest assured this doesn't mean there is an issue with the device, nor the Spotify application.

We have forwarded this further to the development team to be inspected and potentially fixed with an upcoming update.

Thank you for keeping us updated!

When I connect the P20 to the in-car Bluetooth there is no info other than "streaming" showing on the display in the car. (Volvo V50-2012)
With my previous phone it showed title, time elapsed etc. Everything else works, changing tracks and so on. It's the same with both Spotify and Google music. I also have an older Sony Bluetooth headset with display, and on that the title shows. So logically it should work in the car as well.
It's kind of frustrating. I've tried to remove pairing and connecting again with the same result.
Have the exact same Issue with the P20 Pro and the VW Golf MK7,
Hello I am having same issue with My Seat Leon MY16 always displaying the previous song track details, lag and Bluetooth keep dropping out using Spotify. My previous phone Samsung s8 never had an issue, I've had the phone replaced and it still has same issue. Please help!
Yeah I have a Mate 10 pro and the same Problems, I read about some settings that is called "avrcp", but with the new emui 8/9 you can't change this setting anymore. Please fix this!!!
I use my P20 Pro via Bluetooth connection in my VW Tiguan (2015). When I play music the touchscreen of my car always shows the title of the song that came before the one that actually plays atm. I already tried reconnecting and deleting the Pairing on both sides, cleared the cache on my pone as well. The strange thing is this problem only occurs with this combination of car and phone. Tried it on several cars from several maufacturers and they always showed the correct information and other Phones also work perfectly fine with my VW Tiguan. Any ideas??
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@Rynubix I moved your question here.

@all Max forwarded this further to the development team. I flagged this topic for our support team again.

Need help now? Please contact our support channels to get assistance:
I think this can't be solved alone by Huawei since this is happening to many people with a combination of Huawei Phone and Volkswagen Group Car. Never had these kind of issues with any other car brand like Mercedes or dacia. Probably the developers from Volkswagen would need to have a look at that but i highly doubt they will since this is as far as I know not happening to cars that have been produced in the last 2 years or so and this specific issue is not wide spread enough
EMUI 9.1 fixed this for me P20 Pro - Golf MK7