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Next one:
Pro Mode for Videos to stop the video from changing the exposure while recording a video.
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I would love to see a new 360 camera from huawei. The current one is great fun but i wouldnt say no to a resolution boost.
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Ditch EMUI would be a great start
allow us to unlock bootloader again

so a dream phone be huawei + android one
it be top of the phone game


what open phones bring is community
Everybody is complaining about the beauty mode on the p20´s cameras and not having the possibility of turning it off completely, in some years people will make fun off this "feature", hell people already make fun of it now...
So please make an update for this, is not asking to much i think.
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the only way i would buy another huawei phone would be because of below

1) Allow unlocking of bootloader
2) Provide regular updates for UK users like other countries
3) Prevent Network Operators from re-branding the devices
4) Stop imitating an iPhone, if wanted iPhone would have bought one.
5) Fix incompatibilities with applications
6) Improve camera capabilities, especially front camera (and don't lie about slow-mo recording)
7) Improve support for 3rd party launchers and Huawei Widgets
8 ) Improve notifications
9) Improve customer support

Until then, I won't be buying another Huawei device (I currently have Mate 10 Pro, P20 Pro, Watch 1 Classic and Watch 2 Classic)
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Earlier and more updates when new Android versions are released. Just like Apple does it with iOS. Provide the updates on the day Google releases them, or with a maximum delay of 2 weeks and provide them for ALL your devices at least for 2 Years (what could mean 3 Android versions)Due to network testing it isn't always possible to release updates in a timely manner.

Well other companies like Sony or 1+ for example are not having this issue so please stop giving us this same, sad and pathetic answer.
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It seems like a lot of our members have views on what should be included in Huawei Mobile Phones. So lets use this space to discuss what features you would like to see in future mobile phones from Huawei.

Connection to Android Auto seems to be a popular choice right, as well as bringing back the notification features on the lock screen. But what do you guys think and what would you want?

Faster updates would be definitely a most useful feature, Huawei staff could stop saying the same pathetic story that they're doing everything they can to push out the updates blaming network testing. This would be a refreshing bonus!
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A lot of what I've been hoping for I now have with the Mate 20 Pro - a higher res display and a wide angle camera.
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I disagree here, because for those reasons Google releases developer-versions to test things like this before. And there are never major changes in the final version.Which is why I said 'isnt always possible', Google are different because they release an OEM version of the firmware and then the various manufacturers need to test it, apply their own skins to it (EMUI, Samsung Experience etc.), then more testing, then the individual networks must test each firmware to make sure it doesn't interfere with their own software that they preload onto phones (such as MyO2).

It can be quite a lengthy process.
Again: they get pre release versions way earlier to test and implement their own stuff based on the new version. Even on those betas this could be done.
Sorry, but they just don't do this because they focus on selling new devices instead.

So true!
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Valid points from both sides there however it seems it’s getting a little heated with your own opinions.

lets can back on topic of features you’d like to see in future handsets


Than again faster updates mate! If the convo is getting heated it's because people really want it and this is the most important feature! The security of your device which comes with new updates...
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From what I'm reading most of the issues have been solved by Mate20 (not surprised)
but that being said:

1) Regular updates
2) Integration with AR/ VR (don't have mate20)
3) Allowing both the headphones and battery charge at the same time (seems like wireless charge is the best option).
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1) Regular updates (at least monthly)
2) if emui is a problem holding this back maybe going vanilla android anyway, it's what most people would want if asked.
3) oh and regular updates.

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For the P20 Pro:

1) +1 for bootloader unlocking. Android is typically an open system so stop closing it off! The only impact of this is to make your users pay for bootloader unlocking and making the unlocking vendors rich!
2) Ability to enter SMSC number in Messages or using a #* code
3) Ability to turn off/adjust post processing of jpegs
4) Expose the RAW file format for 3rd party apps like OpenCamera etc.
5) I can't believe I'm saying this: Ability to set a different notification tone in Messages!!! (basic or what??)

As a general rule, stop moving in a direction that blocks people out. Apple IOS is buttoned up tight which is why I don't own an iPhone! Android devices should be open to their users. We own the hardware and should be allowed to do what we like with it.

This is all software stuff as I'm still being blown away by the excellent hardware!


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1. Ability to unlock bootloader. Those who venture into rooting, modding etc. know the risk. If they brick the handset or expose themselves to unknown apps from unknown sources then that's the price they pay.

2. Don't release a handset with half baked / missing features that were advertised when the handset was first revealed. You selling the consumer a feature, please ensure it is ready for release day.

3. Regular software updates.
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i'm still working through my p20 pro phone after a couple of weeks ownership but......

there's no visible method of changing the save location for the stock camera. yes i know 128gb is a lot, and i know there's no internal sd card support but you can plug one in the usb port.

just to check my sanity, i used open camera inserted a usb/sd card adaptor and card and set open camera to save the the usb disk. works great.

how about some support for this from the native camera app.


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Another feature missing on the P20 Pro is Ethernet (wired) connection settings support. I can't find any notification or settings when I plug in my OTG Ethernet adapter.

For wireless, in advanced settings, you can set:

Fixed/Auto IP address
DNS 1 and 2
Proxy Name/Port/Bypass

But nothing for Ethernet. The only method I can see is to root the device and use a 3rd party app.

Unless it's there and I've missed it?


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Hi all,

Thank you all for the feedback! I will forward this to our dev. team for future development and improvements.

Best wishes,
I know I'm a bit late to this and I'm not sure this is the right place to post this.

For the next phone, would it be possible to lease it and have the option of upgrading to the newest model when it was released.

I have had a number of phones and have a draw full of old phones. I have found my Mate 10 Pro the best one I've had, and would love to move to the Mate 20 Pro, but am still stuck in a contract, leasing the phone could solve this issue.
Next one:
Pro Mode for Videos to stop the video from changing the exposure while recording a video.

Actually, there is a Pro Mode for Videos and you can lock the exposure, focus and set a custom WB.
I went from iPhone to HTC to LG and found my home at Samsung with the Galaxy S7 Edge and have enjoyed it very much. I like how Samsung puts in the most "tweaking" as possible into their settings.

Cut to the P20 Pro. I wanted to give Huawei a chance. Here are my personal observations.

-The finger reader is ultra fast
-The back cover is shiney (black one)
-Twilight is beautiful but nit available from my carrier
-Cameras work great
-Battery is a beast
-Speakers sound great

-The screen is ugly compared to a Samsung screen
-Alway on display is useless compared to Samsung
-Combined ringtone/notifications? In 2019? Really?
-Slow processor for the price
-No expandable storage for the price
-Major lack of tweakablility

Here's the thing... My Samsung has a QHD panel that produces a razor sharp image, liquid paper whites and is bright enough to burn my eyes out. The Huawei's panel have a TFT like rainbowing effect as I tilt the screen around. I last saw that 5 years ago. 1080p in 2019? I litterally asumed the phone was 1440 and when I started it up the first time I immediately knew it was an old fashioned 1080.

So I'm sending the phone back to my carrier and I'll grab an S10+ in a few months. I'd rather wait than get stuck looking at a cheap display panel.

I hope that Huawei ups their game because it says alot that I'd rather use a 3 year old phone than make my eyes suffer looking at this cheap screen.

Perhaps the Mate 20 Pro doesn't have the nasty TFT-ish rainbowing and dim off color screen.

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My wishlist for my P20 pro
  1. Have the ability to set more notifications on lock screen
  2. Ability to create different notification tones for various apps ( so as to distinguish sms or facebook etc )
  3. Auto answer facility when either connected to bluetooth (headset or car) or wired headset
All these functions i've had on much earlier and cheaper phones.
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The ability to turn off image stabilization on video would be very nice.
It zooms in significantly to do this but is not needed when on a stand.