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How to optimize the battery life

  • 23 August 2018
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How to optimize the battery life
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Isn’t this picture frustrating? Let’s make sure it does not happen too often! Do you know how to take care of your phone on daily basis and optimize the battery life? No? Here are some top tips:

Change screen display in your general settings:
  • Let your screen turn off sooner
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Turn off live wallpapers

Turn off notification light:
Go to settings > apps and notifications > deactivate the notification light. And you are done. The notification light will no longer light up if you receive a message.

Turn off keyboard sound and vibration:
Go to settings > language > default keyboard > preferences > deactivate the sound and/or vibration option. This will make sure the keyboard doesn't make any sound while typing on your phone.

Reduce background battery drain:
  • Turn battery saver on in Settings->Battery
  • Take manual control of how apps launch in Settings-> Battery ->App launch
  • Show battery percentage remaining
  • Delete unused accounts

Also, try to keep your phone cool and charge it as much or little as needed.
Charge as much or little as needed

It's possible that a specific app is causing the battery to drain.
Try these troubleshooting steps to find out.

Restart your device:
To restart your device, press your device's power button for about 30 seconds, until your device restarts. Rebooting your device gives it a fresh start.

Check for Android updates:
System updates can bring improvements that may fix your issue.

To check for and install system updates:
1. Open your device's Settings app.
2. Scroll to the bottom and tap About phone or About tablet > System updates.
3. You'll see your update status. Follow any on-screen steps.

Check for app updates:
App updates can also bring improvements that may fix your battery issue.

To see and get updates for your apps:
1. Open the Play Store app.
2. At the top left, tap Menu.
3. Tap My apps & games.
4. Apps with available updates are labeled "Update". If an update is available, tap the app > Update. If multiple updates are available, tap Update all.

Still having battery issues?
If your battery still drains too fast after trying all the solutions above, you may consider resetting your device to factory settings:

Resetting your device to factory settings:
To remove any processes on your device that may be causing the issue, you can reset your device to factory settings by going to System > Reset > Factory data reset and follow the onscreen instructions.

Important: A factory data reset will remove all data from your device. While any data stored in your Google Account will be restored, all apps and their associated data will be uninstalled. Before you perform a factory data reset, look over the options for backing up and restoring your data. In this topic you can read how to make a back-up Keep in mind that if your issue is caused by an app that you downloaded, the problem could come back if you reinstall that app.

Want to know what to do when your battery drains in a few hours? Read this topic.

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A total 31 percent of battery life has been used since my last full charge. The usage stats show 54.92 percent of this was my screen. My screen has been on for 1 hour and 59 minutes since my last full charge. I use qhd resolution.
Other usage mainly by YouTube, Facebook, Playstore and Messenger.
Mobile network and WiFi on.
With this information, can you confirm that my battery health is okay? If you need more information please ask.
Also, when it says 15 hours remaining, does that mean in standby yes? Because I am 100 percent certain that if I use my phone continously it will not last 15 hours.
Edit: Just checked it again and its dropped from 15 hours 53 mins to 15 hours 38 mins, but only 5 mins has gone by.