Huawei Mate 20 Pro battery life dropped after 5 days of use.

  • 18 January 2019
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Hello, i ha e serious issue about battery. I bought a phone 6 days ago and it was grait, but suddnely i notice that my phone owe neeght start to loose 4 percente and before that was not loose anything.
Also i notice when it on 100 percent full batery last 27 hours instead 30 as it use to be.
Please i need urgent help cause i use my phone for work and one of the thing that i payed serious mony for this device is battery!

13 replies

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Have you downloaded any new apps or changed your use at all in the last day or two? If you go into settings then battery you will be able check power consumption and battery usage to identify what might be causing the drain.

Hey thanks for the quick replay. Yesi have new upp and i delite it but nothing changes.
The situatin after last recharge is getting worst now im not on 27 hrs but 26 30.
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Hi Ivan,

Please take a look at this topic. It has some useful tips for battery issues. 🙂
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The power is managed with the system AI. As such, the battery isn't getting worse, the system AI is just 'learning' how much you use your phone and adjusting expected battery time remaining accordingly. This will continue to change as the system get more info. 26.30 is still great and probably about the same as mine. This will still get you though a whole day and then some; better than any other phone on the market (except the P20 Pro maybe).
Hello im only not using batery saving mode, but the problem is that i also notice that during the night batery drops 4 percent what was not happening before. from the first day of use i have same aps on my phone. Yesterday i downloaded new one and i delite it but no change. From 100 percent and 31 hour of batery i dropt on 26 30?! My phone is 5 days old
Hey Jimon so what you are saying that phoneAI is making this changes?
Yesterday i used phone more than usual And put the performance mode on to test battery. I turned it of rechareged my ohone and then i have noticed that overnight i lost 4 percent what was not the case in firs 5 days
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Hi @IvanDinic

Yes, that's right. When you use your phone for the first time it doesn't know what kind of user you will be (light, moderate, heavy) so gives an estimate on how long the battery will last. Once it has information on your usage it can then give a better estimate. This will continue to change as your usage changes but should settle on the right estimate for you. Even for a heavy user this will still be sufficient to give you a full day.

Losing 4% overnight isn't much at all (my iPhone used to drop around 10/15% overnight) but if this has increased then it may be due to some app activity still running overnight. As I said, 4% is pretty normal so I wouldn't worry about it.
Thank you Jmoon. I will continue ti track whats going on. This was real intriguing about AI. Ok lets see what will happen.
Thank fir the support!
Hey here is un update, i turn off automatic app lunch also turn off majority of apps not to work in a background , clear the cash and now batery is workink again in full capacity.
Overnight didnt loose not one oercent.
We will see what will happen in next days.
Hello guys, here i am again, after 4 month of using, again i noticed battery drain problem. I have massive drain when i use the phone, even speaking now, while i writte this battery dropped 2 percent.
When i full charge phone and leave it over night it drains 3- 4% and before when i wake up it was on 100 percente. I did batery research and i noticed massive use overnight by call stanby.
Please can you help me. Also after havy use batery at the end of the day was aroun 40 percent now its 20 ?!

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Cell standby is the phone searching for network/connected to network for 4G/calls. THe easiest is turning on airplane mode at night, so the phone is not looking/trying to connect to networks.

A high % usage of cell standby might mean the area you typically are (home/work) has bad/poor coverage, forcing the phone to "try harder" to find network and connect.

In the battery settings, you can see this in "Power consumption details", the "mobile network signal" option. If you have a green, continuous bar, it means your network is fine/strong. If you have cuts/yellow or red lines, it means poor network, consuming more battery.
Hello its me again, so tonight i full charged phone, and than i put airplane mode. From 11 until 6 morning it lost 2 percent. I need to add that untiil 3 weeks ago the phone when it was full charged and left overnight didnt loose anything and in the morning after 20 min of use then lot 1 percent.
Im sending orint screen of batery usage overnight.

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It's normal, your device is still "On" while in plane mode, although with reduced activity. You cannot expect a device that is on to not consume any battery at all. It would be worrying if your device consumed 10 or 20% of the battery overnight, but 2% is normal.