I broke the screen on my phone, can I get a new screen?

  • 21 August 2018
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Hi @Lubi,

I moved your question to this topic. Sorry to hear about your screen 😞. Please read the comments above and let us know if you need any assistance.
I've just cracked my p30 Pro screen today exactly 1 month after purchase. It says online you can get it fixed for free within 1 month but the online chat is now closed untik Monday so it will be longer than 1 month what can I do I can't afford the repair costs
So I've had a p30 for 2 weeks now and I dropped it once it was a small fall and I thought I escaped with no damage from what I saw, except a few hours later I noticed the edge had cracked. How weak are their screens?? I even had a cover on the phone. I'm so disappointed my old phone I used for an year with countless falls and no damage to the screen.
Now I've the option to get it fixed with the VIP screen service which is available for 6 months but I don't trust their screens anymore to last even after I get it fixed.
This phone has been a headache throughout these weeks countless problems don't know how huawei is so raved about.
Hi folks,

I’ve only gone and broken the screen and back on my P20 Pro 😭 Do any of you lovely folks know a) how much this would be to replace b) where there is a service centre in the uk. I used the locator but couldn’t find anything near where I live. I’m in the North East of England so any help would be amazing!

I dropped my phone this afternoon, nothing serious really, or so I thought, but I have now 2 hair line cracks across the top of the screen. Looked up screen replacement and was horrified to see it’s over £300, and there was me thinking Apple are bad.
Could someone please tell me whether these 2 cracks will have any implications on future use. I suppose I can live with the cracks, but does it make the phone more vulnerable to dust, moisture etc.
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@Trailtrout sorry to hear about your screen. I'd recommend getting in touch with the support team to see if they can help with potential issues for the phone. Though perhaps other community members can also advise if they are living with minor cracks.
You can buy a new screen from a reliable online store like ebay, amazon, ifixit and Mobilesentrix and fix it yourself. It would be much cheaper and convenient than sent it to the official and if you are a novice cellphone repair, just get a screen with frame, things would be easier.

This way you get a good quality display screen with good prices and reliable warranty.
My little brother has managed to break my screen. Can anyone helpme
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Sorry to hear that @Azzash hopefully it wasn't intentional. Speaking as the younger brother myself, breaking stuff is what we do sometimes, usually by accident, we do grow out of it eventually. If the screen is not working, you can get in touch with the support team to arrange for a replacement screen, or find a local 3rd party who can fix it, perhaps cheaper. Hopefully you can still back up and remove your data too.