Improve sound and volume on Mate 20 Lite

  • 24 January 2019
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I have Huawei mate 20 lite. I am very disappointed about volume on this phone. Volume with headphones on is very low for me. I had before p9 lite and quality of sound/volume was much better. Those options on music player are usless. Sound is flat, metalic and not very nice. The best option is natural. I am big fun of music, and quality/volume of sound is very important for me. Is it any chance to improve volume/sound in this phone??? Just wondering how older model of mobile can be better on this than this one. Hope they will update music app couse if not i will be have to change the device for better one.

6 replies

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Hi @mattiz8,

Thank you for voicing your concern to us.

In regards to your inquiry, you can change the sound quality from the Huawei Histen sound that is found in Settings > Sounds.

I trust this information is of assistance. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!😀
I know i can change that, but doesnt help. Still volume its not so good like on p9lite. Histen options are usless
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i made a petition for the P20 pro and no difference was made
In p20 pro is the same problem? Shame! Cant believe it that new phones have worse volume than old ones. Histen is totally usless and all my headphones are good brands. I have even huawei noise cancellation headphones 3 and quality of music and volume is much better on p9 lite. Shocking!
Maybe its possible to change histen for dolby some way????? Why theres no option to press ok when i want loud music volume???? The loudest music is just on natural option and still its not like on older models.
Ok I just recently got a Mate 20 Lite and while speaker volume is ok I deffenetly felt bad about the cabled audio, while it is an unconventional way to fix the issue I stumbbled into an app called Volume Booster by Goodev on the playstore it only took a tweak to a 10% to get some decent audio keep in mind that these will boost the whole volume on the phone