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Left Freebuds issues

  • 28 September 2018
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I seid befor sent them of for fixing DONT it's been a month and thay just ask for proof of purchase and i'v had to chance them all the way good phone bad company
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Thankfully I have proof or purchase from EE. It did take a while but my advice would be to keep ringing them. After I rang 3 times, they sent me a new pair pretty quickly.
Thankfully I have proof or purchase from EE. It did take a while but my advice would be to keep ringing them. After I rang 3 times, they sent me a new pair pretty quickly.
Cool nice to hear I just got p o p but deleted conferming email for them so let's see how I fair
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If you got them from EE or similar, ring them and ask to send the email again. Is it not in your deleted items?
Just got the same problem with my freebuds one not working - was really enjoying them till now (P20 Pro still great)

I either get 3 devices in the bluetooth settings (2 Mac Addresses and EW001_BOX)


if i try to connect with the one good freebud in the box it works but the 2nd freepod still doesnt

Just raised a case with HiCare and they are sending me an envelope to send off for repair - hoping this all goes well and its not too long before I get some back

maybe they will be nice and send us the new freepod v2 (if only 🙂 )

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Theybare good when the work. HiCare do a great job but be prepared for a 3-4 week wait.

Ive found my left one is working just very very quietly. Only used this pair 3 times.
Want to swap its my right one that doesnt work looks like the box has lost its association with that freebud as it still provides a MAC
I've the same problem as you since monday, I don't know what to do .....
I contacted the service but it's radio silence
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Hi all, quick update. I started a chat on HiCare and I am returning mine to be serviced again. Can not fault the service. Let's just hope I get to use a new pair more than 3 times!
Just got an email with details on how to return....not too convinced as it's asking me to take out my sim card and remove Google's like they are expecting me to return a phone not some freebuds

I have emailed for clarification no response yet
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Yes I got that as well. Don't worry, it's a standard response because the headphones are new and they are used to phones.
So you just sent the charger box and 2 buds in the jiffy bag?

Dd you send any proof of purchase of your phone...I got my freebuds in the promo with the p20 pro.
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I emailed them my proof of purchase from EE (I got them in the promo as well). I put everything in the bag and sent it off.
I emailed them my proof of purchase from EE (I got them in the promo as well). I put everything in the bag and sent it off.
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I emailed them my proof of purchase from EE (I got them in the promo as well). I put everything in the bag and sent it off.Thanks

Youre welcome. It took a while to hear anything so keep on to them once they have received them. I'm about to send my second pair off.
My freebuds were working well for a few weeks, now only one is working. I have a P20 pro and was told to clear the cache but I have absolutely no clue how to do that. I searched through all the settings multiple times. Can someone please give me step by step instructions on how to resolve this freebud issue on a P20 Pro?

Thank you,

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Hi @SarahJones, - Welcome on the Huawei Community,

I moved your post to this thread about the Freebuds issue. Please read the comments above 🙂
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Hi Sarah,

I had the same problem finding the steps but here goes.

First of all, find and open settings and then follow the screenshots :-)

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This however didn't fix my Freebuds issue with only the right bud working. They had to be sent off and replaced. Twice.
I have the same issue, initially the left one started playing back at a very low volume, but now both of them do. I got the off eBay so sending them for repair is not an option.
Any help?
same problem with left earbud not working. I am using Huawei mate 10 as well. Both devices are amazing but worst customer services I ever have experienced. I bought from eBay and after they got fault I wrote and no one replied. And now I am living in Spain I took them to their customer services Madrid and they refused to repair without invoice. And as it seems with threads its a faulty gadget because everyone having same problem. I am sad about their bevaoir and response I might not buy any of their product again as they have worst customer services.
Thank you for the help Ewarwoowar
Unfortunately it is still not working. Very frustrating because they are brand new. They keep switching from ear to ear. No idea why it is happening.
Hi @Huawei Mobile UK do you have a fix for this. mine are having the same issue. very quiet in one ear, I've tried the solutions provided above with no luck. is this a known issue as it seems a lot of people here have the same thing happening. should we just send them to you for a replacement when this happens? thank you
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Hi all,
Since this topic is growing and its becoming harder to search through it I have made a full guide of troubleshooting steps to hopefully facilitate you more.
The first step to try when one of the buds are seemingly lower toned or not working would be a Factory Reset to the Freebuds - How to Restore Factory Settings on FreeBuds :
• Open the charging case, put both FreeBuds inside, and leave the charging case open.
• Press and hold the function button for 10s (seconds) or more. After the indicator blinks in red, green, and blue, your FreeBuds are restored to their factory settings.

Depending on the device you are using with the Freebuds some users have noticed that a cache clear and data wipe of the android bluetooth app would resolve the issue they where experiencing.
After any such actions a unpair and repair of them with your handset is advised and of course make sure that you are using the latest software .

In situation that the issues still persist even after the troubleshooting steps and you have tested them with another device, the freebuds would have to be sent to our service department for a more hands-on approach.
To facilitate such a need the Huawei company has several different options depending on the region you are residing within .

For the UK region that we cater to on this medium you may contact our techsupport channels via mail, chat or hotline (free of charge of course 08000886700 Monday to Friday 9 am to 9pm Saturdays 9am to 5pm) at
To ensure a speedy process please bare in mind that the operator would need your private details such as Name; Model type; S/N; any documents related to the device, etc - please do mention that you have done the troubleshooting steps as mentioned on the forum and they will proceed to facilitate the service process.

And as always if you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us via forum or via mail, chat or hotline at

Best wishes,
Got similar issue with the pair of my FreeBuds. I got them for free with my P20 Pro and left them sitting in a cupboard, because I had another pair I was using. Tried them couple of weeks ago, but left bud is very quiet, almost silent. Upgraded firmware, deleted Bluetooth cache, tried Factory Reset. Contacted Huawei and they quoted me 106 pounds to repair them. I didn`t realise that the warranty was only 3 months and it ran out for me. Paying 106 pounds isn`t an option, FreeBuds are worth less thanks to Huawei Promo and silly people selling them for peanuts. So I`m left with malfunctioning garbage and no support whatsoever. Good job Huawei, good job indeed.