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Left Freebuds issues

  • 28 September 2018
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Hi I recently got the P20 pro (loving it btw) and got the free set out freebuds. They worked fine and great sound but now the left one has gone almost silent. Tried factory reset, update via the app and re-pairing but no success. Has anyone else had similar? Thnx

Best answer by Max 26 November 2018, 15:32

Hi all,
Since this topic is growing and its becoming harder to search through it I have made a full guide of troubleshooting steps to hopefully facilitate you more.
The first step to try when one of the buds are seemingly lower toned or not working would be a Factory Reset to the Freebuds - How to Restore Factory Settings on FreeBuds :
• Open the charging case, put both FreeBuds inside, and leave the charging case open.
• Press and hold the function button for 10s (seconds) or more. After the indicator blinks in red, green, and blue, your FreeBuds are restored to their factory settings.

Depending on the device you are using with the Freebuds some users have noticed that a cache clear and data wipe of the android bluetooth app would resolve the issue they where experiencing.
After any such actions a unpair and repair of them with your handset is advised and of course make sure that you are using the latest software .

In situation that the issues still persist even after the troubleshooting steps and you have tested them with another device, the freebuds would have to be sent to our service department for a more hands-on approach.
To facilitate such a need the Huawei company has several different options depending on the region you are residing within .

For the UK region that we cater to on this medium you may contact our techsupport channels via mail, chat or hotline (free of charge of course 08000886700 Monday to Friday 9 am to 9pm Saturdays 9am to 5pm) at
To ensure a speedy process please bare in mind that the operator would need your private details such as Name; Model type; S/N; any documents related to the device, etc - please do mention that you have done the troubleshooting steps as mentioned on the forum and they will proceed to facilitate the service process.

And as always if you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us via forum or via mail, chat or hotline at

Best wishes,
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I have a great fix and it works really well, open the bin and throw them in it, untill Huawei get their finger out and admit theirs a fault with these earbuds and a stupid 3 month warranty on them nobody stands a chance, there really a waste of time trying to get them to work, the bin is the best place for these untill they can sort it out. Better headphones out there anyway.
//// this should fix all i did this on mine when i received the EW001_box error ONLY!!

I must add I already cleared all bluetooth cache etc and this was a last resort

(my error did not mention separate bud issue)


technical knowledge needed

in order to fix the buds

first open the lid and pop open the ear bud holder
disconnect Bluetooth power clip
then remove bluetooth signal panel from above battery housing
then remove bluetooth antenna
this should make the led light flash but this might have been me pressing button on back
re connect all wires
replace bud container

once all done perform factory reset

i assume this caused a hard reset but this has worked for me for over 6 hours
re charge as battery sensor will assume low battery
//// this should fix all i did this on mine when i recived the EW001_box error


Might as well crack them open as going in the bin anyway.

I emailed them my proof of purchase from EE (I got them in the promo as well). I put everything in the bag and sent it off.
New set of freebuds received thanks Huawei!!!
I'm having pretty much same issues, after one weeks use, left earphone just dropped in volume, it runs pretty much at lowest volume possible while right one works just fine. When it happened I was in a shop and took one of them out when I was talking with assistant and when I put it back it lost almost all volume.
So far tried, pairing, unpairing, factory resets for each and both earphones, updated them through freebuds app. Nothing worked.
Just wondering if they are covered with warranty since they were received as a gift? If yes can they be sent to repair center by post? As locations of repair centers are pretty far away from where I live.
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Thats all well and good max sending them away like I did, but then they want £106 to fix them after 4 MTHS usage..mine was a faulty's a joke mate, an absolute joke ...who is going to pay that?...poor faulty earbuds...and everyone knows it on here!!!!
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Thankfully I have proof or purchase from EE. It did take a while but my advice would be to keep ringing them. After I rang 3 times, they sent me a new pair pretty quickly.
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I emailed them my proof of purchase from EE (I got them in the promo as well). I put everything in the bag and sent it off.
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Hi Sarah,

I had the same problem finding the steps but here goes.

First of all, find and open settings and then follow the screenshots :-)

Hi all, '

I had the exact same issue as described by so many in this topic. After using them a few months, the left one just lost volume and I could hardly hear anything from that bud. Tried all the suggested remedies but nothing worked. Since it happened from one day to the other, I thought I was due to bluetooth/software issues. However, just to make sure it wasn't dirt stopping the sound I took a fine sewing needle and very carefully tried to stick it in each hole (a very delicate operation.. 😉 ). A few holes in the speaker seemed to be clogged up (perhaps 2-3), so I very carefully tried to remove this.

Low and behold - after this the left bud is back to working perfectly again!

This is strange, 2-3 clogged holes out of all should not reduce the volume to 1%, but nevertheless it worked. It may not be the reason for everyone experiencing this issue, but perhaps a few of you could save your buds this way.

I´m not sure I should recommend this, it was very delicate - but if you want to try, make sure you have very good light, a very fine needle, and do not poke it in too far!

Proceed at own risk! (If you poke to far and break it, you´ve probably blown any chances of getting a replacement etc.. you get it.. )
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No I was thinking about getting in touch with them as I've been reading all these messages about the earbuds, mine included! Waste of time...3 month warranty what a joke!!...I will back anyone who gets in touch with them aswell. I bought my self some Dre beats and told Huawei to stick there poxy earbuds where sun don't shine!
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Mate I had an argument on the phone with them about it but they won't budge as it's there policy and 3mths warranty is all you get, I had mine about same length of time, sent away and same reply as you, I've binned them now as can't be arsed anymore to argue over them I'm just glad I never bought them....rubbish!!
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Here's an update for you all.

I have had my freebuds replaced TWICE now and today, the left bud gave up again. I contacted via HiCare to be told that if you received the freebuds as part of the P20 PRO deal then you only have 3 months warranty.

This was fine for the first time they broke.

The second time they broke, they were still covered by the 30 days warranty that is applied following a repair.

Today, 3 DAYS AFTER my latest repair, they have broken again and won't be serviced again.......

Absolutely shocking. I'm just glad i didn't pay for them.

Will not be buying anything Huawei again. Let's just hope the phone manages to last the 2 years I've got it for.

For anyone else who is thinking of getting the expensive FreeBuds, I'd seriously consider any other brand or at least the wired version. FreeBuds break far too easily.

No luck my friend. You will have bought a duff set and now be completely ignored unless you waft £100 at them.

It's a shambles.
if these fixes dont work for you you might want to check the charging case in specific the little copper pins get a needle and dig in the gap between the pin and case and remove junk that collected in the groove charge the faulty bud (this worked for me) (it showed it was fully charged but dident make sound anymore)
I have the same problem - very low volume in the left earbud. Now had them 4 months. Poor quality kit Huawei. Phone's good, but I won't bother with and Huawei accessories in future.
Mine have lasted a month, left but is pretty much silent now, but they're outside of their warrenty, phoned Huawei customer services today and they agent said there was nothing they could do apart from sending them to be repaired at a cost, when I queried it he said I may as well just buy a new pair due to the cost of repair. Absolute joke.
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Join the club....well that's another person saying that the earbuds are crap..and obviously a fault with them but will never replace...manufactured fault definitely!!!!
I have bought a P30 Pro for my wife few days ago, with a gift Freebuds Lite. However, i am suffering from the freebuds lite connection with my personal Huawei Mate 9. The left-ear seems fine for music or call, however, the right-ear connection is always terminated during a call (Normally the call can only lasts no more than 15 seconds). I have paired it, updated the firmware (v129), and also try to the factory reset...........Any suggestions? or can i back to the older firmware? Thanks
I don't know what happened to my freebuds. But the left bud makes a sound like something is broke. Inside you hear like something moving inside I do not know if it is broke. Or is it just like that. And also I use honor 8c plz make the update if EMUI 9 on this device. Anyways my real question is is my ear buds faulty. And also how long are the guarantee/warranty
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@Yeassir Ullah , I moved your post to this thread which looks at issues with freebuds. Please see Max's answer. Hopefully this will help resolve your issue.
My Freebuds have start to stop working in the left ear and make funny sounds. I can not find a link to make a UK warranty claim. the Hotline does not get answered.

Can someone please help?

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Hey Axelnash,

Welcome on the community!

I moved your question to this topic about freebud issues. @bluetooth fix posted a solution. Please try it and let us know if it helped! 🙂
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Hi @Rappermanuk, Welcome on the community! 🙂

I moved your topic to this thread, please read the thread and try the tips.

You can find more information about warranty here.
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Hi @SarahJones, - Welcome on the Huawei Community,

I moved your post to this thread about the Freebuds issue. Please read the comments above 🙂