Transfer apps to SD card

  • 20 August 2018
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I have also Y6 2018 and have only 5 apps until it run out of memory. Utter garbage. I deeply regret buying this piece of chinese shit. Can't transfer from internal memory to SD card for security reasons? What kind of bullshit is this? I'm going back to Samsung, at least it worked, you lost another customer for your idiocy, Huiwei.
And now it can't even run 2 apps at the same time. Whenever I open camera or browser, my Samsung Health app freezes. Useless garbage.
Honor 9 Lite user here from Finland.

I used to have Honor X5 in which I could store apps in external storage aka SD card. Had ZERO freezing issues with it until the phone / device itself turned 5 years old and was having other issues (phone calls disconnecting etc). So, please, that is NOT the reason. 🙄

I saw someone (Max?) saying that adding a feature like transferring apps to SD card is not a necessary function.

If it's not necessary, then why are so many people requesting for it???

I've had my current phone for a year now, and I absolutely love its camera, how the casing feels to the hand, and the casing color (sapphire blue). But as I just had to get a new SD card (the old one started having age issues) I figured I'd get a bigger one so I could move some of my apps to it.

Because THAT is what freezes these phones, that internal memory gets eaten up by apps that keep taking more and more space with each bloody update.

I'm supposed to be saving money, but right now I'm in the mood to buy a new phone from a different maker JUST to get to have my apps in the 128gb SD card. You guys have not had a good year when it comes to customers' trust in you, and you're making it all the worse by refusing to let us choose whether we want our apps on external storage or not.

...Actually, I have the money. I'm going to buy a phone that is not Huawei. Perhaps an Apple.