wish: Make Huawei phones android auto compatible

  • 21 August 2018
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I'm having problems with my mate 20 pro too! it's completely not connecting to my car (Audi A3 2017) i've tried different cables even using the original cable.


I have had my hauwei mate 20 pro for just under two months now and I love it.

I recently got a new car, a 2019 Ford Figo and I am having issues with keeping the connection with regards to the Bluetooth.

It connects perfectly but after about 30seconds the Bluetooth disconnects and the car says trying to reconnect.
I have no problems when connecting an iPhone to the Bluetooth, so I figure it must be the hauwei.

Please help
P.s what's mirror share and how can I get that working with pioneer
Hi I have what I thought was the best handset I've ever owned until I tried various if not all of the apps for linking to my pioneer head unit android auto, mirror link, app radio, not one works,
In this day and age you would expect a flagship model to have this function, so was eagerly awaiting the mate pro only to read people having same issues?????
Really??? Come on Huawei please sort this now?
really want to stay with you but I'm growing impatient and want to make the most of my pioneer head unit.
Looks like I will have to sell the p20 pro and jump ship 😪
Your Sony set up says it supports Android Open Accessory 2.0.

Try downloading an AoA 2.0 app from Google play to see if that works. Possibly Android auto might do or on of the others that comes up from the Google play search
Hello I have recently got my Mate 20 Pro and for some reason when I try to connect it to my car stereo it's saying device not compatible however it supports Android.


The link above is my radio, is there a setting up need to change for this to work? Thank you
Give it a try, though I'm not sure if it actually makes a difference James. You definitely need Android auto app before trying to connect using the usb cable. This assumes the Audi system requires/ is compatible with Android auto. Also check if Audi do their own in house app . .. you never know!
So I have a mate 20 Pro and can't use it via USB cable in my audi. It looks like I need to download the android auto app so I'll try that.
From Richie B's post above he said he downloaded it while the USB cable was plugged in the car.
Do you need to be plugged into the cars USB port via the cable while downloading the app for it to work properly?
Just as a fyi... I bit the bullet and bought a Vauxhall Corsa SRI 2018 version with projection system, blue tooth etc.

So long as I agreed to all the permissions when downloading Android auto while usb connected to vehicle with manufacturers cable, I am delighted to say it works fine for my mate 20 lite. Currently on EMUI 8.2.0.
With my Huawei Mate 10 pro, Android Auto was working perfectly, that was up until the most recent update EMUI 9.0.

Now as soon as I plug my phone into the USB port it restarts and freezes on the Huawei welcome screen. Removing the phone from the USB and force restarting is the only way to get anything happening. Wish I'd never updated
I'm looking to buy a Corsa sometime, but on other threads can see issues with Huawei phones. There appears to be a fix coming out soon...9....171, but is a software update going to be available for my mate 20 lite? I'm on EMUI 8.2.0 but no 9.0 version is yet available.

The consequence of no fix means I pay £1000 more for a Corsa model with full sat nav.
Hi Max,

I have Huawei Nova 3e. Software version Everything works in Android Auto except for calling functionality. When I click the calling button, I get a black screen. Very rarely it sometimes shows the calling dialler or call history etc. As I understand I have the latest update for this phone. Please advise.
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Hello there,

I would like to inform you that the latest EMUI update ( should be fixing the issues with most of the apps on the devices.

The update has been released officially and it would be made available on the most devices over the course of this month.

Please wait and the phone will notify you when the update will be made available. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
has an update been released yet what fixes the compatability issue with my huawei mate 20 lite regarding auto android if so can I have the link or instructions on what to do
cheers colin
Just got the recent update ( The issue between my phone & my car has been resolved. Didn't expected this. But, a few days passed, I was surprised that I'm now able to receive & make calls in my car.

Hope eveyone else gets their phone issue fixed.

It's clear that I'm far from the only one experiencing this problem.
Come on Huawei, please get it sorted. Soon.
Hi, I just bought my mate 20 pro. So far, its features are ok except the bluetooth connection with my car. I'm driving a 2016 kia rio hatchback. The bluetooth connects but I can't make or receive calls from my car. Is there a software update, app or setting that I need to use?

My previous iphone connects automatically for calls.

I have been very happy with my P smart but I have recently got a new Kia Rio. My phone connects by Bluetooth just fine. I installed android auto - the app will run, but when I connect to my car with a USB lead, it won't project onto the screen. I have been through the set up process in the car but the icon is greyed out.
I really don't want to have to go back to a Samsung phone but I also really want to use this functionality of my car.
Is there an upgrade or a fix?
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Hi Kelcie,

Sorry to hear of the inconvenience you are experiencing . Can you please let me know what is the model of your car?
Also, if you can PM me with the IMEI and build number also a few details about the vehicle we will flag this to the developers of Android Auto to facilitate them for a swifter update to include the latest phones on the market.

Looking forward to your reply,
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It is a big wish from all fans of huawei for Android auto compatibility.

I'm guessing such an commission due to licensing? #bestguess
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What cable are you using to connect it to the car?
Hi. I just wasted my time taking my car to the dealership not knowing that it could have been a issue with my phone. You really need to fix this issue.
I have loved this phone until now. I am super disappointed since android car play is the safest way to drive.. please fix this ..
When will a update to fix this be coming out ?
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Hi David,

Sorry to hear of the inconvenience you are experiencing . May I ask with what model car you are attempting to connect to?
If you can PM me with the IMEI and build number also a few details about the vehicle we will also flag this to the developers of Android Auto to facilitate them for a swifter update to include the latest phones on the market.

Looking forward to your reply,
Is it possible for Android Auto or another Mirrorlink app to work on the Mate 20 Pro? I'm very disappointed I can't use this function as I assumed a top spec phone would support this!
I've just received my Mate 20 Pro which on the whole I am very happy with but want to bring to Huawei's attention that there's an issue with the Mate 20 Pro and Android Auto on EMUI
When using Android Auto receiving a call or opening the phone app turns the screen black and crashes the app resulting in me being unable to make and receive calls in the car right now, all other functions are working ok.
I tested my friends P20 Pro rubbing EMUI 8 in my car using Android Auto and that phone is working fine so the issue is specific to the Mate 20 Pro/ EMUI 9.
Hopefully bringing this to the attention of Huawei can get it resolved in a future update.