wish: Make Huawei phones android auto compatible

  • 21 August 2018
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So fed up with Huawei thought I'd give them one more chance to sort car connectivity out and go for the p30 pro,
Guess what it doesn't support mirror link omg ????
Im selling p20pro and getting a Samsung s10.
Huawei you've lost me
I’ve just ordered a new car today. Nissan Qashqai connecta model and am quite annoyed by what I have read above.

Is there anyone who has managed to get their phone to work properly with android auto. I have a P20 pro and absolutely love the phone but am a bit peeved to discover that i might not be able to use android auto due to compatibility issues.

For the price of the phone and the fact that i have it on contract with over 18 months to run, its very disappointing to say the least.

Can someone from Huawei give me an update as to whether or not it is compatible. I’m from the UK if that makes any difference,

Looking forward to your reply.
Just bought a new Hyundai & guess what?? it doesn't connect to the Andronough Auto, was bad enough in the IX35 & Touson, The Huawei is a great phone but useless in the car, will probably have to dump the phone and go back to Samsung
It's obvious that there is no real testing done before they release phone as I've never had so many "updates" on a new phone, they should concentrate on getting the phones to work properly instead of selling "Good Cameras"
My phone is Honor 8 Pro with EMUI My car stereo is Pioneer AVH-A219BT. Before the latest security update, I was able to connect my phone through usb cable for mirror link. But (most likely after the latest security update), now I am not able to connect the same phone to the same system. It shows "connecting" and the screen keeps showing that. I had already enabled USB debugging option.

I have checked with other phone (Mogo g) and found that it works on the same system.

It appears that some of the setting has been changed because of the latest update.
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Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of response in this thread.

Please reach out to our official support channels if the above suggestions and tips in our Android Auto F.A.Q. did not solve your issues and you still need help https://consumer.huawei.com/uk/support/.
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One of its most useful is Android Auto that allows users to mirror some of their phone's functionality onto a car's entertainment head unit for easy accessibility.

Apparently not if you've a Huawei phone, i thought it was me, but looking at all these comments 😢
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Hi everyone, and MAX, i am experiencing the same android auto issues, I have a P20 pro, easily the best phone i've owned to date.
Yippee i have just received Emui 9.1 update, it appears to have made no difference. The phone connects easily via bluetooth for calls and texts but still unable to find any apps, so frustrating.
My car is a Ford Ecosport with a lovely infotainment screen for radio, music sat nav etc. works well but connecting by USB makes no difference.
Q. Is it Huawei (Emui) that's incompatible or are all android phones the same.
You spend a few hundred pounds on a phone - thousands on a car and they're not compatible.
As other owners have suggested they will consider getting a replacement phone that works.
I'm told Apple IOS works brilliantly

Filling in here with another Huawei device (P30 Pro) that doesent work with Android Auto. App freezes after 5sec to 10min, the car screen stop responding to AA comands and the sound stops (Google music, Spotify, Tunein etc) Tried numerous of things diffrent cables usb 2.0, 3.0, cable with extra power-feed, 10cm-1,5meters, nothing helps.

Tried AA-version from 4.3.5918 to the latest 4.7.5938, no difference.

Tried killing numerous of apps to see if Theres a conflict, but nothing helps. 

Usual tricks within developer menu (usb behavior etc) 

"power mode" in battery settings, manual battery settings for critical apps

The strange things is that AA works perfectly as long as its running, it just stops. 

To get it working again, even if its just for 5sec, i have to pull the cable out/in and AA starts to work again. (for a short period) 

I've noticed one things, but i dont know why that is and I cant replicate it by will, but sometimes (randomly, rare) after yanking cable out/in, AA starts again but the sound doesent get sent to the car, (i guess its via Bluetooth even with AA?) the sound plays from phone speaker AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS, AA does NOT freeze 🤔 It can be up for hours and work on the car screen as long as sound comes from phone speaker. 


Sooo.. I guess that it has something to do with multiple outputs, (screen/control via cable/ audio via Bluetooth) and something in the Huawei android/emui software Does not like that. My 5cents thow..

My old phone, Nokia 8 @ android 9 PIE works perfect, i even tried my whifes Samsung A3 as well as another old HTC, all phones work but not my brand new premium P30 PRO😟

The car is an Opel/Vauxhall/GM Insignia 2018 with Intellilink 900-system.

The real question is:


A life sign would be nice and perhaps something what they have come up with so far, so that i and other users that are a little into tech can test and try for ourselfs..