wish: Make Huawei phones android auto compatible

  • 21 August 2018
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And what lessons have Huawei Learnt from this? Don't mess with things if they aren't broke.

Android Oreo/Pie has a very good application power management system, Huawei implemented their one that breaks hundreds of apps including Android auto.

I wish Huawei didn't try and turn Android into iOS, and break things for no reason. They would be in a much better place if they concentrated on making great hardware with stock Android software
Thanks Max, really appreciate the reply.
Would it be possible on a date for update? EE have given me 3 weeks to return the phone and change for a compatible model. I have seen 3rd party links to the update but I don't trust them.

Kind regards
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Regarding your inquiry, we've been made aware of this issue with Android Auto and we've been constantly working to improve it. For the P20 Lite, the update that solves the issue with Android Auto is scheduled to arrive in the last quarter of 2018 with the Anne-L01 software version for the single SIM version and Anne-L21 for the dual SIM version. So please keep an eye out for any system on your phone using System updates, HiCare or HiSuite on your phone.

Hope this brings more light!

This is the comment I posted on EE forums UK:

I have the P20 Lite. When connecting my phone to the car via Bluetooth, all is ok. Yet, if I try to connect the phone via USB (this is for Android Auto, music), nothing happens.....apart from the phone gets a good charge. My car, Corsa, head unit doesn't see the USB connection. I've tried debug mode via USB, but this option resets itself when leaving the screen and even the phone shows that no USB device is connected.

My old S7 and even my wife's Sony ZX works well, so it must be the phone?

Raised a help ticket with Vauxhall, if the head unit has issues. Huawei said the phone is at fault. EE help deck..... not a clue what is wrong.

I've been on chat with Huawei... helpful but no joy. When I connect the phone to the car, via USB, my phone does not show any device connected and same fo the car head unit. Bluetooth works a treat. I've set the phone to Debug via USB, but when I leave that screen, that option resets itself 😞.

Any help would be grand.... would love to have the Android Auto/Google maps show on the car head unit.

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Hi all,

Thanks for sharing your wish with us Dani!

Huawei Wonder Arjay started this wishlist topic. Maybe you can share your wish there as well.:)

Did you receive your P20 Pro? Do you have the same problem with your new handset?
Thanks @jaap I'll send a message over. I've now ordered me p20 pro so I can only hope haha
Hi @Dani good to hear the P9 is your best phone so far. Maybe or Huawei-expert @Rick F can tell you more specific about your issue.
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I would like this too.