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  • 21 August 2018
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I've just bought a new car which has a build in media centre screen. This allows me to project my phone onto the car screen for media and satnav use and very quickly learnt that my P9 isn't compatible other than basic blue tooth connection.
I downloaded the android auto app and found it plays on my phone but still doesn't allow it to work on my car.
I can honestly say this is be best phone I've ever had but really want it to work. Now I am due an upgrade next month and would only change if it was for the P20 pro.
So to my question, will any of these phones ever have compatibility like other leading brands as it's really a downfall to Huawei and is it worth upgrading to the p20 if it means that will eventually be updated to work with the system??

57 replies

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Regarding your inquiry, we've been made aware of this issue with Android Auto and we've been constantly working to improve it. For the P20 Lite, the update that solves the issue with Android Auto is scheduled to arrive in the last quarter of 2018 with the Anne-L01 software version for the single SIM version and Anne-L21 for the dual SIM version. So please keep an eye out for any system on your phone using System updates, HiCare or HiSuite on your phone.

Hope this brings more light!

I’ve just ordered a new car today. Nissan Qashqai connecta model and am quite annoyed by what I have read above.

Is there anyone who has managed to get their phone to work properly with android auto. I have a P20 pro and absolutely love the phone but am a bit peeved to discover that i might not be able to use android auto due to compatibility issues.

For the price of the phone and the fact that i have it on contract with over 18 months to run, its very disappointing to say the least.

Can someone from Huawei give me an update as to whether or not it is compatible. I’m from the UK if that makes any difference,

Looking forward to your reply.
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Hi Kelcie,

Sorry to hear of the inconvenience you are experiencing . Can you please let me know what is the model of your car?
Also, if you can PM me with the IMEI and build number also a few details about the vehicle we will flag this to the developers of Android Auto to facilitate them for a swifter update to include the latest phones on the market.

Looking forward to your reply,
I'm having problems with my mate 20 pro too! it's completely not connecting to my car (Audi A3 2017) i've tried different cables even using the original cable.

Just bought a new Hyundai & guess what?? it doesn't connect to the Andronough Auto, was bad enough in the IX35 & Touson, The Huawei is a great phone but useless in the car, will probably have to dump the phone and go back to Samsung
It's obvious that there is no real testing done before they release phone as I've never had so many "updates" on a new phone, they should concentrate on getting the phones to work properly instead of selling "Good Cameras"
My phone is Honor 8 Pro with EMUI My car stereo is Pioneer AVH-A219BT. Before the latest security update, I was able to connect my phone through usb cable for mirror link. But (most likely after the latest security update), now I am not able to connect the same phone to the same system. It shows "connecting" and the screen keeps showing that. I had already enabled USB debugging option.

I have checked with other phone (Mogo g) and found that it works on the same system.

It appears that some of the setting has been changed because of the latest update.
Just got the recent update ( The issue between my phone & my car has been resolved. Didn't expected this. But, a few days passed, I was surprised that I'm now able to receive & make calls in my car.

Hope eveyone else gets their phone issue fixed.

There is no Android Auto connection between my Huawei (EMUI using USB cabel!
I drive Merc GLC 2018.
I am highly disapointed. With previous Samsung S6 all was fine.
So fed up with Huawei thought I'd give them one more chance to sort car connectivity out and go for the p30 pro,
Guess what it doesn't support mirror link omg ????
Im selling p20pro and getting a Samsung s10.
Huawei you've lost me
And what lessons have Huawei Learnt from this? Don't mess with things if they aren't broke.

Android Oreo/Pie has a very good application power management system, Huawei implemented their one that breaks hundreds of apps including Android auto.

I wish Huawei didn't try and turn Android into iOS, and break things for no reason. They would be in a much better place if they concentrated on making great hardware with stock Android software
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Hello there,

I would like to inform you that the latest EMUI update ( should be fixing the issues with most of the apps on the devices.

The update has been released officially and it would be made available on the most devices over the course of this month.

Please wait and the phone will notify you when the update will be made available. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Just as a fyi... I bit the bullet and bought a Vauxhall Corsa SRI 2018 version with projection system, blue tooth etc.

So long as I agreed to all the permissions when downloading Android auto while usb connected to vehicle with manufacturers cable, I am delighted to say it works fine for my mate 20 lite. Currently on EMUI 8.2.0.
hi @Kat
to follow my original post and your request, my handset is a p20 pro car stereo is pioneer avh 2700bt
not one in car conection app works mirrorlink android auto not even pioneers own app app radio Bluetooth is ok though thank god or phone would be gone, really want to stick with Huawei if this issue is sorted but already looking at other handsets.
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What cable are you using to connect it to the car?
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It is a big wish from all fans of huawei for Android auto compatibility.

I'm guessing such an commission due to licensing? #bestguess
Hi Max,

I have Huawei Nova 3e. Software version Everything works in Android Auto except for calling functionality. When I click the calling button, I get a black screen. Very rarely it sometimes shows the calling dialler or call history etc. As I understand I have the latest update for this phone. Please advise.

I have had my hauwei mate 20 pro for just under two months now and I love it.

I recently got a new car, a 2019 Ford Figo and I am having issues with keeping the connection with regards to the Bluetooth.

It connects perfectly but after about 30seconds the Bluetooth disconnects and the car says trying to reconnect.
I have no problems when connecting an iPhone to the Bluetooth, so I figure it must be the hauwei.

Please help
I am still having connection issues with android auto, it keeps coming up with error and won't connect.
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I am still having connection issues with android auto, it keeps coming up with error and won't connect.

Hi Fletch666uk,

Have you tried the troubleshoot in this topic? 🙂
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One of its most useful is Android Auto that allows users to mirror some of their phone's functionality onto a car's entertainment head unit for easy accessibility.

Apparently not if you've a Huawei phone, i thought it was me, but looking at all these comments 😢
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@MrSlaymaker Our testing team is working on reproducing this issue and testing it on various devices.

Thanks for sharing a very detailed feedback as it's very important for us to understand what car, phone model and software version you use.
Hi @Kat please can you look at my issue above and advise?
I also have the mate 20 pro. I can pair with my head unit on my Peugeot 108.
It connects to the phone via Bluetooth & imports the contacts and messages. But for some reason the audio only pairs as a removable device, meaning that although it get sound, there is no song or artist info or album art displayed in the screen.
Pluging in using the supplied cable has no effect at all.

Im guessing that the reason so many people are having issues is that there is no mirrorlink software built in to Huawei phones, so all that happens when you plug in to the car with a USB cable is charging.

You don't really need a car with Android Auto, most touchscreen Car head units connect via the mirrorlink protocol, your car has it, but your phone doesn't.
See here https://mirrorlink.com

Unless Huawei plan to release an update with mirrorlink included then nothing is going to change.
I'm looking to buy a Corsa sometime, but on other threads can see issues with Huawei phones. There appears to be a fix coming out soon...9....171, but is a software update going to be available for my mate 20 lite? I'm on EMUI 8.2.0 but no 9.0 version is yet available.

The consequence of no fix means I pay £1000 more for a Corsa model with full sat nav.
Hi @Viking_beard

My car does not have the touch screen or mirror screen. It is just a normal Bluetooth standard system.
It connects but disconnects after 30 seconds and then it says trying to reconnect on my car stereo