Yellow/Red Smudge on screen

  • 21 January 2019
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After fist having the screen replaced replaced 2 months ago for a yellow/red Smudge, it's now 2 months later and 4 yellow/red smudges and not at all good to look at, and it seems a common fault with almost all the Huawei range when run at high temp for periods of time, are you doing something to fix this, and will you be replacing the phones that have this fault.
Was once happy to own a product, now it's a eyesore and the worse purchase as far as phones go I have ever made. Now I wait to see just how good costermer service will be.
Regards Lorne

3 replies

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Hi Lornenail,

Could you please let us know what device you are using? Also, would you be able to share some photo's?

It might take a few days before our support team replies in the threads on the community. If you need help from them now, please contact them directly.
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Hi,@ lornenail
Did you replace the phone screen in huawei service center? In order to better solve your problem, can you upload some pictures of the screen? By the way, what is your current model of mobile phone equipment?
Sorry for delay, will upload screen shots over the weekend and info on work carried out on the phone.