Dtmf / touchtone issues with P20?

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I'm having the same DTMF issues as others above.
I have tried rxy's idea however I do not have all options available to me.

I have also dropped Max a PM asking for assistance.
Same issue for months on my p20 pro sent Max a Pm with info.
Same issue DTMF tones not working when calling on mate 20 pro. Made sure all settings for tones are on and it will work for a call or partial call then stop working again.

Any fix for this?
Hi, Not sure if there is a similar thread for the Mate 20 Pro but since there is a posting above, I assume not.

Yep, you guessed it, I have the same problem with the Mate 20 Pro on the Vodafone network. I've tried to change the settings per the descriptions but the problem keeps coming back. It doesn't seem to matter whether you use standard or melody tones, if you change the details and reboot it fixes it for an indeterminate amount of time but when you try again some time later it doesn't work.

I appreciate that the Mate 20 Pro has many clever features but it it first and foremost a phone. If it doesn't do phone stuff then it it pretty much useless to me.

Can we please put a bit of effort into this problem - it's been around a while and I get the impression it's not high on your agenda but it's pretty important stuff. If I have to carry a second phone to make phone calls, you will soon have your nice shiney Mate 20 returned. You probably have about a month to sort it before I get really fed up.

Best regards and best wishes for 2019.

This issue has persisted for as long as I've had my P20 Pro (4 months). I thought the new UI and Android update would fix this, but apparently not. Surely, you should have a good idea by now as to why some customers are facing this problem.
I too am having the same issue, help please?
Huawei P20 Lite same issue - when do you plan to release software correction?
I've got a problem with my P20. When im in calls, or my Vodafone voicemail and it has a menu option (Press 1 for this, press 2 for this etc), my phone doesnt pick up any number i select. I've restarted my phone many times, and sometimes it will work but after too many angry attempts. I've even given my phone a factory reset but it's still not working!

Please help!! I'd rather not get a new phone!
I've v got the same issue. Had with my previous Huawei P9, thought I was just unlucky. Now I know it's an issue with Huawei. Been trying to get it resolved for 2-3 months now. If you're in a position to change your phone I would do it now!
I gave Max all my details. He told me to call a number. Number, called the number. press 1 for.... Press 2 for.... Useless!!! They are a waste of time. Anyone in a position to change I would advise to do so ASAP
We have 2 P20 Lite phones, both on Vodafone, both new July 18.Both have dtmf issues which having spoken to Huawei help desk are cleared but problem returns after a couple of days use. Tried the suggested fixes on here but no joy, there must be a manufacturers fix or recall by now
I am having problems with DTMF touch tone with mate 20 Pro. Very frustrating if this cannot be fixed I want a refund as phone is not fit for its purpose - thanks
Hi. I have lost the numbers from the dialler. I have done a screen shot and tried looking in the app settings but getting no joy. Please help.....

I think I've solved my own problem. I have changed themes
Thank you.


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