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I now have a mate 20 pro, same selfie camera but it uses hdr the results are miles apart.

Sure a software update would fix this issue just add the hdr feature
I need to apologise as I just realized that I was using the selfie camsra with the "artistic bokeh" on.. It was blurring the background as in the aperture mode.. with beauty at 0 and artistic bokeh off the results are much better.. Sorry
i have mate 20 pro and when i take a selfie on the camera app it comes blurry and not clear as it need to be like i taked on the mirror app for example it is clear and soft and not like the camera app features,beauty mode,etc
I also just bought new mate P20 Pro. It has beautiful camera and functions very well. But selfi is DISASTER. I just cannot take a picture whihc is decent in different light situations. I am very disasspointed after spending about a grand, this is bad engineering - or bad coding. Only way to compel Huawei to listen to customers in Europe and US is to publize it more.

These high end cell phones are bought by US or Eurpoe customers and if Huawei takes months to even respond to correct these challenges then it is not worth to buy product as long term support is missing.
Hello all,
last week I bought my first Huawei device, the P20 Pro and I was really looking forward to use it. On first glance, it was an amazing purchase especially after comparing it to my old S6.. BUT, i already regretted it after I used the selfie camera. The background is always blurry. Why would I want to take a selfie photo if the background is barely visible? I read this thread and from what I saw, this is a general behaviour of the device. Is there any possibility to fix it or I should just return my device now that I am able to?
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Hi all,

Thank you for taking your time to report on the situation and providing us with further information.

We have taken your feedback, opinions and comments into account and escalated the provided information further to the appropriate departments.

Should we have any news, we will keep you updated on the situation!

Best wishes,
Hi all! Recently i started noticing the flaws in my Huawei P20 Front Camera as i started using it for more than a month now. When the light is behind me, the selfie became blurred, which was very different as compared to if there is light in front of me. Suddenly the images became non-HD like. Recently i also tried to capture fireworks in my background as i took selfies. The whole screen will turn White before it captured the pictures. And the pictures turned out to be blurred! I did not manage to capture any clear pictures with my front camera in the end. Im starting to doubt the quality of the camera of P20 though the back camera quality remains good. When there are lights in the ceiling, there are so much reflection in the screen and from the light (like a streak of light from the lamps). Helppp 😢 Is the camera meant to be this way or it is spoiled? Thanks!
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Hey @Polba123,

I moved your question to this thread. Please read the comments above. 🙂
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Hi, @Polba123
According to your description, this phenomenon is more normal. Huawei's self-timer mode has a face recognition function, which ensures that the face is normally exposed in any scene, that is, the face brightness is normal when self-timer is taken. In the case of backlighting, in order to enhance the brightness of the face, the background brightness is increased and overexposure is formed.

When taking a selfie, it is recommended that you avoid backlighting as much as possible. If the background is too bright, it will lead to overexposure and the background will be completely white.
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Hi all

Ive just realized i created this post over 5 month's ago and still no fix has happened. I've just noticed max has said he will pass this over to the updates team. The same thing was said when i created this topic. It's been 6mths next week since i raised the problem.

So i wouldn't hold out for a fix unfortunately.

Might be time to look elsewhere when my contract ends as the support and software updates don't make me feel confident.


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