15m pool size. Honor Band 4

  • 12 March 2019
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swimming in a 15-meter pool, is there a forecast to reduce the minimum of the "customize" option that today is 20 meters (need 15m)?

and just to remember, still not receiving notifications from WhatsApp. without being able to check my swimming in my pool and without receiving notifications on hb4, I threw my money in the trash?

7 replies

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Hi Vanzzam,

I asked our support team to assist you in this thread. 🙂

Regarding the notifications, there is another thread about that issue. Please keep te threads on-topic.
and about customize 15m pool size?
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Hey @vanzzam, welcome back!

We are glad to hear your feedback about this! At the moment you can not set a lower pool size, but we have taken the initiative to pass this on to our developments team. They are constantly working on catering to our customers' needs.

Please look for upcoming updates to see if this option has been changed!

Hi Huaweii!

Is there any update on minimum pool length setting? Honor Band 4 is a perfect band for swimming but unfortunately, swimming pool where I go is 17,5m . As a programmer I can't understand that 20m limit which makes this device useless in many pools :(

I've checked Huaweii Band and 20m limit is there as well :(

In all promotional materials for these devices there is information that pool length is adjustable without mentioning the limits which is confusing for customers.
Some weeks after my post they insert a 15m pool size, rly ty, im so happy now, amazing smart band and great support feedback. ty
honor band 4 > all.
im talking to my friends and everyone want hb4 now.
Thank you Vanzzam!

Are you able to pick any length starting from 15m? Or is it like 15 or 20? If you are able to picksomething between what's the step length (1m/ 2m / 0,1m)?
u can set: 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25m...
dont worry.