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Hello! Just received my Band 3 pro, and I am loving it so far. With regards to types of workout, the app has 3 types - Outdoor run / Outdoor walk / outdoor cycle. And the band itself has these plus several others. However, I predominantly play squash and would really like to be able to have that as an exercise type.

For squash I'm predominantly interested in heart rate. Distance would be good, but I can't imagine this being possible - the GPS would have to be super accurate.

Is it possible to add a custom exercise type, or download others to the band? If not, I guess I would have to use 'Indoor run' - but I'm not sure. Any help much appreciated.

Thanks 🙂

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Hey @Squasher70 , welcome to the community!

That's a a very great idea, thanks a lot for the feedback! We will pass this on to our developments team so keep an eye on upcoming updates to see if it has been implemented.

Best wishes,
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Ok Max, thanks. It would expand the use of the watch for a lot of people - there are many many types of activity, so why not cover more? I'm sure it could be quite a simple job adding them too.





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