Band 3 Pro won't reconnect after bluetooth connection is lost

If I move away from my phone so the connection with my Band 3 is lost, upon moving back closer to the phone the Band does not reconnect with the phone automatically unless I physically wake the phone.

Phone is a OnePlus 6.
Band firmware is

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Make sure power saver is off
Unpair and forget device, reconnect
Hi there,


Make sure power saver is off
Unpair and forget device, reconnect

Battery saver is off. I have also turned off Android battery optimisation and also ensured the Huawei app is flagged as 'not optimised'. I have also tried repairing to no avail. The issue can be replicated easily by;

  1. Disable Bluetooth on phone, band loses connection
  2. Re-enable Bluetooth on phone and quickly put the phone to sleep. Band does not reconnect, even after leaving for some time
  3. Wake phone, band instantly reconnects.
It's incredibly annoying, every time I leave the room without my phone I have to make sure to wake it on my return to reconnect the band, or miss important notifications. It would be helpful if someone else could test the steps above to see if it might be an Android issue and not the band.
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Hi @SeeNoWeevil , thanks for clarifying the issue. The topic is flagged for support, so hopefully they can help out further.

Any update on this? Should I log it directly with support?

Recently bought the Honor Watch Magic. I also have and Android OnePlus 6.
It is a very good smart watch.
But, when the connection between the watch and phone is interrupted due to, for example, out of bluetoooth range, the re-connection does not happens again.
The only solution is to unpair manually in the Huawei Health app, and perform the pairing again, having to activate every time the GPS on the phone. This is not acceptable for normal use.
Is there a fix for this problem? Is this related with a bug in the Huawei Health app?
If there is no planning on fixing this, I have no other choice than returning the watch.
Thanks in advance, for any information about this.
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@jotascotch , welcome to the community. I've moved your post here as this thread covers a similar issue. If you want you can also contact Huawei support direct.
@jotascotch , welcome to the community. I've moved your post here as this thread covers a similar issue. If you want you can also contact Huawei support direct.

I contacted the support and they told me to test on another phone.
I got surprised with the answer, because the solution can't be the acquisition of another phone by the watch owners!
I went to the center of technical assistance, but I was informed that they couldn't offer assistance because the watch was of Chinese origin despite it was sold by a European online seller. The device came to me from an European country, but the commercial invoice registers the watch as from Chinese origin.
Being Huawei a Chinese brand, this type of European support makes me never again buy Huawei.
Meanwhile, I have to try to solve my problem with the watch, just don't know how at the moment.
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Hey @jotascotch,

We're sorry about this inconvenience!

Unfortunately some devices that were originally manufactured for the Asian market region lack regionally specific services/functions.

Also, please note, that this device does not have warranty in Europe.

We apologize about any disappointment this might have caused!

I have a Band3 pro and am experiencing the same problems as others in this discussion regarding loss of connectivity with my phone. It occurred with my old android phone which appeared to briefly resolve when I replaced it with a Smart phone, thinking that it would work better. Although I got connectivity for a short while I have now got the same issue now the band 3 will not even pick up a WiFi signal. I have tried restarting it, disconnecting and unpairing. However despite my phone identifying the band 3 I can now not pair it to my phone because it has no bluetooth connection.

Please can someone help me resolve this in an 'idiots guide' step by step way.

Or is the best approach to make a claim via the warranty given that I purchased the band 3 only 4 months ago.
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Hey @kat2019, welcome to the community!

We'd strongly recommend having the device checked out at our authorized repair center.

For the UK region you can arrange the service booking via mail chat or hotline (at 08000886700 free of charge of course) via
Or if you would like I can also facilitate this for you via PM.