Band 4 swim tracking produces useless and highly inaccurate stats


I have used the band 4 to track 3 of my swim practices. I am an intermediate swimmer, each session I average 3.5 - 4.5 thousand yards. I hope Huawei takes these issues seriously and addresses them asap, it took me a while to write this up. Swim tracking at the moment produces useless stats. I hope the developers acknowledges they are working on these issues and provide an ETA. I do not feel a forum moderator (or BOT) responding with 'we have forwarded this as a suggestion to the developers' is acceptable.

So here are the issues:

  1. The health app showed each length as 24 yards. I set the band 4 watch to 25 yards before each swim and I also confirmed that I swim in a 25 yard pool. (screenshot 1 and 4).
  2. Elapsed time per length was not accurate for more than half of the lengths tracked (screenshot 1): For example, Length 12 and 14; 12 should be ~22 seconds and 14 should be ~30 seconds. (screenshot 2) is another example; butterfly should be around ~20 seconds. This issue appears throughout the log.
  3. This one is question not an issue. How will the app show interval sets? an example of interval set is, swimming 50 yards (2 lengths of the pool) in 1 minute, and repeat it 4 times. So if I swim 50 yards in 40 seconds, then I get to rest 20 seconds at the wall before doing the second set. I am not sure if the developers have considered this scenario before.
  4. Laps were missed or combined: see (screenshot 3). 25y of breaststroke should be around 20 seconds, but the app showed 1 minutes 29 seconds. Swimming 1 length of breaststroke this slow at 1:29 is really hard. This actually looked more like 3 lengths (75y) combined. In (screenshot 2), there should be a freestyle between 3 and 4.
  5. Swim tracking terminated by itself. This happened in all 3 of my swim practices, although happened at most twice during a practice. I think the touch screen is sensitive to the water while swimming, and the 'unlock' pattern (swipe up and then down) is too simple. So the water could have unlocked the watch, and terminated the swim tracking with series of touches.
  6. Screen sensitivity while taking a shower: While taking a shower, I haven't found a way to lock the screen. The running water wakes the screen, slides the screen, and makes random touches on the screen. One time it went far enough to actually start a running session.
screenshot #1:

Screenshot #2 (below):

screenshot #3 ( below):

Screenshot #4 (below):

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Hi @Banduser17 ,

Thanks for providing the details of the issues you're having. If you're looking for specific support on this topic, you can also contact the support team. 08000 886 700
Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00,Sat. 9:00~17:00(Except bank holidays). You can also email the support team.

Whilst I appreciate your comment about not wanting a standard response from a moderator or bot, to ensure someone is able to look at this and hopefully resolve this, the best things I can do is flag your post for the support team to investigate.
I am using Huawei Band 3 Pro to track my swimming activities. The band works well but Huawei Health shows only some swim lap info not starting from Lap 1. Sometimes it shows lap info starting from Lap 34 or Lap 117. Anyway, the overall tracking activities are shown correctly so I guess this problem might be from Huawei Health.
In this screenshot, my lap starts from Lap 117.

@puppaman That is strange. I have not experienced your issue. But I swim in a 25 yard pool so I don't think I have actually hit 110 laps in 1 session, or 1 tracking session. Sometimes my watch stops tracking altogether, and I would only notice it has stopped after a period of time. I wonder if your issue happens only when it goes over a certain number of laps.
@Banduser17 For me, the only time that my watch can track all laps (around 120 - 130 laps) is when I tried it for the first time but, since the 2nd time, the lap info displayed on Huawei Health starts from Lap 45 > Lap 34 > Lap 117 (latest).
@puppaman Try reporting it as a bug. Meantime, maybe try clearing the cache.

Buttom right icon "Me" > Settings > clear cache
@Banduser17 Thank you. I checked cache but it is 0 B do no cache to clear.

And my swimming today is shown on Huawei Health starting from Lap 40 haha. Still wondering where my Lap 1 - 39 have gone?

@puppaman I'm sorry that is happening to you, that's horrible. If you take the last lap #, and multiply it by 20M, does it equal the total distance it said you swam on the overview page?

Can you show us what the graphs look like on the next tab?
@Banduser17 Yes, the total time and distance are correct. Maybe Huawei Health just doesn't display the info. Kind of annoying.

One more tab.

@puppaman it started happening to me after I updated the app this morning. Now mine only does 1 to 22 lengths. I have given up on this watch and this company. Support is non responsive. Each update breaks more things than it fixes. Now the steps and calories per day dont refresh so it shows steps for several days.

The entire development team needs to be fired. Obvious neglect for testing prior to release. I'm in software development myself, and this is truely pathetic.

@puppaman Good luck to you, I suggest looking for another swimming watch and not waste any more time with Huawei. I'm definitely looking for another swimming watch
Latest update on my issue.
The Huawei Health app finally displays my activity today starting from Lap 1 and so on haha.

Anyway, I will keep checking on this later on.