Band Pro2 burn on wrist - nickel allergy

  • 28 October 2018
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Hello there!
I'm having a little problem with my Band Pro2 fitness tracker watch. I've had the watch for about 4 months, I'm loving the sleep and step tracking but I noticed today that I have a burn on my wrist directly below the charging contact points, has anyone else noticed this? It's like an ooozing blister and quite painful, any advice would be most appreciated. 😀

5 replies

I've had mine about 8 months and used it almost every day and night with no discomfort. I don't leave heart rate monitoring on, only use it occasionally and wear the band quite loosely for comfort. It works very well, far better than any other band.
Dont know if that helps?
Hi, thanks for that, I'll try switching off the heart rate monitor and loosen the strap. Fingers crossed that will work. 😁
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Not had anything like that and used it daily . You are probably alergic to the material , nickle?
Hi, yes! You're absolutely right, I am allergic to nickle! I just never thought of that having worn the watch constantly for several months without any problem. I'll make sure it's not so tight from now on and see if it heals so I can keep on using it. Thanks again! 😁
Maybe clean it as well if you haven't done that before (leave it on while having a shower is not the same).