Editing activities in Huawei health (slight error with Band 3 Pro recording)

  • 16 April 2019
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When recording swimming with the band 3 pro I have found that it gets slightly confused if you change stroke partway through a length and records it as two separate lengths instead of one. An easy fix in the future - swim properly and stick to one stroke per length - but is there any way to edit past activities to change the distance to the real one, rather than the inflated number?

I am not sure if I am being dense and missing an obvious option, or if it just won't be possible.

This is using the Huawei on an android handset, with the band 3 pro fitness tracker.

5 replies

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Hi @DavidLovie ,

Welcome to the Huawei community. It's great you've found a temporary fix, but I've flagged this with the support team so they can look at the possibility of a more permanent solution.
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Hey @DavidLovie, welcome to the community!

Have you tried unpairing the devices, then pairing them again, or have you tried to use the band with a different phone?

If you have not we'd suggest trying that.

Please let us know if that fixed anything!

Thanks for the suggestions.

I should say that the band works exactly as I imagine it should - the slight glitch I found just being a very minor fact of the way it determines lengths (without using GPS) and very easy to work around once you realise it (and the workaround is really how most people will swim naturally anyway).

Similarly the pairing is fine - it transferred over the data exactly as shown on the watch, so all is good there.

My question is really more on the supporting software side of things - I would like to edit the activities that have the error in them, but cannot see any obvious way. Is this actually possible to do at all?
Hi davidlovie,

Did you ever find an answer to your query? I've just done a run using the Pro 3 to record it, towards the end of my run the watch started to run out of battery so I started the gps on my phone as a back up. When I got home and checked the app (the watch hadn't run out of battery) it has doubled my distance, and on the pace analysis it jumps from 15 miles to 30 miles... there must be a way to manualy change the data, or to flag it as its such a obvious glitch.
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Hi all,

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