Honor band 4 - app connection?

  • 27 October 2018
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just got my Honor band 4. Installed the Honor health app and when I go into the devices-bands, I'm not able to see Honor band 4. When I try to update the devices, it gives me a network error. Any suggestions?

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@avif, Sorry for the lack of reply. Have you tried the suggestions in this thread? Are you still having these issues? Please let me know.

@sivasamraj & @Anuraj I moved your questions to this topic. Please read this thread and let me know if you need assistance.
im almost using this device for a month and now after app update device got disconnected and i dont see the device name in the app to pair. Now the device became completely useless.

please suggest the solution
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Hey @karthick,

Welcome on the community! I moved your topic here. Please try the suggestions in this thread and let us know if it helped! 🙂
possible solution: give full permission for the health app in the app permission setting and try to update the device list in the app. its worked for me
You can try to connect to the Huawei Health server through VPN (I'm using Betternet VPN Free apps) and update the device list. You may have to tried few times to update. Finally, it worked for me. Don't forget to give full permission for Huawei Health app before updating. Hope my suggestion will help.

I have just purchased the Honor Band 4. It will not pair with my P9. It can find the band on my phone but it will not pair and shows the screen below at all times (i have plugged in to power to try to connect)

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Hi @Tandrea88,

Welcome on the community. I moved your question to this thread about the Honor Band 4 connection. Please read the thread and let us know if you still need assistance. There are lots off people in this thread that can help you 🙂
Hi i am having issue with pairing my Honor Band 4 to my Huawei 10 phone. I have the Health App installed on the phone, and it recognizes the Band 4, but when I pair, it takes a long time, then come ups with a Fail Message.
It tell me to Restart the Band 4, which I have done, but I still cannot pair the device..

~Does any one have any solutions??

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Hi @Jasper Yakub , I moved your post to this thread, hopefully this help.

Hi @Ryosaeba,

Sorry to hear about the situation you are facing!

In regards to this, could you please open the HiCare application, go to Home, tap on the '+' symbol in the top right corner and tap on "Smart Band" > scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on "Can't see your device?"

From there the application will prompt you towards the AppGallery to download the correct software the device needs to install in order to pair and find your Honor Band 4.

Let me know if this did the trick for you!😀