Honor Band 4 language settings

  • 26 November 2018
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Hi all,

In regards to this inquiry, please disconnect the band from the phone, then reconnect it. The language would be set back to English/the default language of the phone.

Nevertheless, if you still experience difficulties or any other issues, please let me know.

Best wishes,
Thank you Max,

It resolved itself. There was a update pending. It went from to After a while there was a new update: Now the English is present while the phone is in Dutch.

greetings Leo.
I'm using a Huawei Honor band 4.
But it seems that the language update is not quite broad... compared to the last version, Honor band 3 or Honor band 3 pro.
I know that the language KOREAN is available for the Honor band 3 but not for this version Honor band 4.
I thought that it's pretty easy to apply language updates based on the last version in the previous band...
Do you have any idea when you will update the broad language updates(INCLUDING KOREAN)?
I have the same problem with honor band 3!
I asked support but they told me only that my device (according to serial nuber) is for China and this is the reason I can't see English. But they are wrong! (even though I can see English but in some conditions)
I researched how it works with iPhone, I don't have an Android phone to check (and even told them about all the cases, but seems it doesn't matter at all for official support):
the problem obviously in software (!) (or firmware at least which is a software too in turn). The device shows Chinese UI when iPhone set up with different language and region. When the language and region are the same the band 3 works perfect (at least for main european languages and russian). But if you set English UI and for example russian region (for time, money and date formats), your device will go Chinese.
If the software will look only on phone's language (and omit region, or vice versa, but not the BOTH) all will be good!

But for now we all will need to read and learn Chinese if we use phone as I described above))
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Hey all!

Thank you for taking your writing feedback about this. We have already escalated this issue to our developments department and they are releasing updates to fix this.

We apologize about any inconvenience this might have caused. Please wait patiently for updates and we'll let you know if we have any news.

Thanks for understanding!
after a reset my honorband4 is now stuck in chinese language and on the version screen, nothing will move it,
i cannot get to change language or pair it - plz help
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Hi @tini I've moved your post to this topic please see the response from Max.

Hi Laurici4,

Thank you for the interesting question you have raised. The default language of the band for the UK region is actually English and would revert to that language is the phone is set to another language that the band would not recognize within its options.
If you can PM me the S/N of the device i can check and see for what region it was destined to be sold in.

Looking forward to your reply,
my s/n is K2BGA18B13002733
honorband 4 cbf
i cannot leave the info screen 😕
using google translate to read the only menu accessible in chinese it leaves me the following options

  1. restore factory - returns me back to this menu
  2. restart - returns me back to this menu
  3. off - turns off, when on again on the cable, returns me back to this menu
  4. regulatory info - its a read, then returns me back to this menu
  5. info - shows s/n and version, then returns me back to this menu
this is plainly a dead end for the customer. a reset that ends in limbo is useless.
i will return my honorband 4 to gearbest for malfunction.
if they dont fix it i will post negative reviews on diverse online forums... hope huawei can avoid that.
very sad, that my honor band 4-cbf is now stuck in chinese mode basic menu and wont pair either no matter what language i install on the iphone despit latest hua heath app installed. i claim to return it to gearbest and wait for their reply. but it really is a huawei bug.
i managed to solve the issue myself as follows:

delete honorband from bluetooth devices on ios or android smartphone
then try again to pair it and it worked
it seems fully operational again
cheers tini
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@tini, Thank you for sharing your workaround. :)

This thread is getting a lot of views. For anyone having the same issue:

Please reach out to our official support channels if the above suggestions did not solve your issues and you still need help