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  • 18 April 2019
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I like the notification feature of the honor band 4 even if scrolling through notifications is a bit slow and laggy.

I'm wondering if it will ever be possible to sync the read status of notifications of bracelt and phone? So if I delete a notification e.g. a Whatsapp massage, that this message will also be deletet on the Honor Band and the other way round.

Or are there technical reasons that that kind or feature will never come for Honor band 4?

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Best answer by Ove 19 April 2019, 08:44

Hi @Proficamper , actually it is the way you expect, the notifications on your Honor Band 4 will also get disapeared after you read them on your phone, unless the Bluetooth is disconnected.
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12 replies

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Hi @Proficamper , actually it is the way you expect, the notifications on your Honor Band 4 will also get disapeared after you read them on your phone, unless the Bluetooth is disconnected.
Hi @Ove,
that's exactly what I want. Is there a way to activate such a Feature?
The best Thing would be if the notifications would also disappear on my phone if I read them on my honor band 4 as well.
Hi @Ove ,

Are you saying that once I read/dismiss the notification on my Phone, it should be automaticaly removed from the band, too? (The same thing is written in the band hepl section in Helath, btw)
If that is so, then - no it is not working for me. Nether on my Redmi Note 5 (Oreo) nor on a Galaxy A7 (Pie).
Is there any option I should first enable or something?

Hi @Ove ,
I have the same issue. Messages disappear on band only for SMS, but Telegram, Gmail, VK and other notifications stays on band after reading from phone.
Phone is HTC One A9 with android 7.0. Band firmware, Health version is
Will be happy provide any additional information you need.

Hello, i own a honor band4 smartband, connected through xiaomi miA2. My problem is that when i receive some emails, after i receive them in my band, they keep coming many times, (the same emails) if i dont erase them. Is there a setting i can make? thank you
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@zaloupa , I've moved your post to this thread which covers similar issues with notifications on the Honor Band.
@zaloupa if we are talking about simultaneous receiving of one and the same notification (like 2-3 times an email) - this usually happens to me after the band has lost Bluetooth connectivity several times with the phone, or if I force close the Health app and reopen it. It is fixed by restarting the phone and the band. Another strange behavior is with Outlook calendar events where you receive new notification every minute until the event start or you dismiss/delete the event/meeting.

@Danjl do you by any chance know anything about the original problem we have on this thread (not the one you brought)?
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@Insanezz , sorry I don't. The post is flagged for the support team, but if you can also contact the support direct via the hotline:

  • Hotline: 08000 886 700
  • Support Language: English
  • Support Time: Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00, Sat. 9:00~17:00 (Except bank holidays)
  • Remarks: A note of the IMEI and the Serial Number of your device is necessary before you calling.
I found the same issue on my Samsung S9 with Honor Band 4.
Before I have P20 Pro, and notifications appeared and disappeared on band simultaneously with smartphone. After I was forced to migrate to S9, I found that notifications are appeared on band, but not disappeared and I need clear it manually.

I have firmware (app said this is latest one).

If someone know is it default behavior or bug?
I asked because for example, Honor band is support working with Huawei Camera on smartphone, but not on the other phones. Maybe it is a same issue?
In the Help section for the band (in Health app) it is explicitly written that you have to use EMUI 8.1 or higher for the Camera remote shooting. This is not mentioned for the notifications, but only that they will be automatically deleted for Android users.
So I guess it should be considered a bug or NOT realized advertised feature.

BTW, at least I now know it worked for Huawei phone...
Same behavior in honor band 5 with Huawei p30 Lite. Once I read/dismiss the notification on my band, are not deleted from my phone.
Same with HUAWEI Band 3 Pro. Messages disappear on band only for SMS/Signal-Messenger, but Whatsapp stays on band after reading from phone. The same Whatsapp messages are also appear multiple times on the band.

HUAWEI Band 3 Pro:
HUAWEI Health: (Installed over HUAWEI App Gallery
Phone: Google Pixel 2 with Android 9