Huge battery drain on Watch 2

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Hi all,

Not sure if anyone else has noticed but the recent updates to Wear OS and Google Fit on the Watch 2 seem to be draining the battery fast.

I've been losing 50% in less that 6 hours, this morning lost 30% in under 3 hours.

The watch has been rebooted, but problems reoccur.. Has anyone else experienced the issues.

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If I'm correct, @Garreth Walton, @DaveM, @Gogzee, @CallMeAlan and @Airborne15 all use the Watch 2. - Anyone having the same problem?
I did have this watch but changed it for a garmin as the gps on the straver app was not good at all
worked we in the huawei app but couldnt upload it to strava.
sorry i didnt have the watch long enough the help you.
gutted as the watch was nice.
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Recharged it again and performed a few more reboots, seems to be back to normal at 7% used in past few hours.

Just annoyed it constantly happens when google release an update.

Current status after rebbots and charging again this morning

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Not had any problems with mine - very much enjoying it.
It's a learning experience and I recently learned the reason for useless GPS tracking of my runs was because GPS tracking doesn't work when in battery saver mode - turn battery saver off and hey-presto GPS tracking works just fine 😂😂😂
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It just the latest updates I had issues with otherwise it been fine. Couple of reboots and charges seems to have fixed again.

If using Google Fit it best to turn off Bluetooth on phone when starting the tracking and then re-enable once its got signal and you started tracking, otherwise tracking is poor when using phone GPS.
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Hi @walkerx,

Have you tried resetting the watch to it's initial factory settings?

It is recommended to perform a factory reset every now and then after a major update.

You can do this directly from the watch by Swiping Down > Settings > System > Disconnect and Reset.

Let us know if that fixed the situation with the battery!

Best wishes,
I turned off the Okay Google function and my watch lasts days now


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