MyFitnessPal huaweihealth calorie adjustment error

  • 27 May 2019
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Hi all,

The Huawei health calorie adjustment in MyFitnessPal creates a negative value so I’m loosing calories when I’m exercising more! The full day projection calculation must be wrong. When I exercise more the projection for calories burned should be higher not lower than the MyFitnessPal projection.

I have a band 2 pro Huawei Health (which is generally brilliant) has a MyFitnessPal integration under third party services in the app. If I activate this then go to the MyFitnessPal app and select huaweihealth under steps tracking it should feed in actual calories burned and calculate a full day projection, when I burn more calories this should be a higher total leading to a positive calorie adjustment not a negative one.

I think the formulas have an error, can this be fixed please? If it’s a settings issue please advise a solution.

Thanks in advance

3 replies

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Hi, @Alan Smith
MyFitnessPal seems have a different rule of displaying the projection data, we will inform MyFitnessPal this issue. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for for your reply. To give you an example of the issue:

With steps linked to MyFitnessPal, huaweihealth is providing the number of calories burned from walking/running but after 10000 steps today this is 386 cal the full day projection from huaweihealth being reported in MFP is just 473 cal. MFP’s projection for the day based on my age/weight/height/activity level is 2388 cal. This then results in a very large incorrect negative calorie adjustment.

It would be great if this calculation could be fixed so the integration works as intended.

Thanks in advance!
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