Water Harvesting to control the climate

  • 15 September 2019
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Water Harvesting in the ancient Indian practice to keep the Earth cool and control the global weather. India has failed to propagate it. Watch the home video uploaded on youtjbe:

Some one has to take the initiative. While Lord Shiva (His 12ft. statue has been put in front of CERN, Geneva headquarters) devised the practice, Prophet Isaiah under Isaiah 44.3 asserted on the practice, Islam adopted it as Wudu, Sikh Guru Nanak told Hindu priests the real purpose of the practice, poet laureate Bachchan rhymed about the practice in his book of verses "Madhushala".

I am an Indian music composer (Indian National award 1972). With my daughter Raageshwari, Actor/Singer/Motivational Speaker now settled in London, we have produced number of music albums. Promos of our yet unreleased album "SUFI ODYSSEY" of words of wisdom can be watched on youtube at:

We can perform dazzling Sufi concerts internationally along with the dance troupes of Silk Road Dance Company, Washington whose images are incorporated in our promos. Our main goal is to propagate the practice of Water Harvesting which is the only way to save our climate.

We also wish to get an international film director to make a film to motivate people around the world. We are working on its script.

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