Bluetooth connection P20 Lite & Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

  • 3 February 2019
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I have a Samsung Gear s3 smartwatch connected to my P20 Lite via bluetooth. Quite often, the connection will drop, but will usually reconnect automatically.

However occasionally, it will refuse to reconnect at all until I reboot the phone.

On my previous phone (a Oneplus 3), this NEVER happened...or if it would AUTOMATICALLY reconnect once the devices were back in range.

This makes me think there is something different between Huawei's bluetooth implementation, and EVERY OTHER manufacturer.

Can someone confirm either way whether there is something different with Huawei's bluetooth that would cause this? As at the moment, I am seriously thinking about getting rid of the phone, which is a shame, as other than this annoying issue, I quite like the phone.

1 reply

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Hello @csc2ya,

Thank you for bringing this up!

Now, as for your inquiry, can you please try to reset the network settings for your device? In that way, it will get back to its initial settings and will be working as intended.

To do that, please go to Settings > System > Reset > Network settings reset (you will have to re-enter and save again the Wi-Fi connections and passwords).

Also, please check with the manufacturer of your watch as well, as the watch will have a different built-in software, therefore it might act differently on other devices.

Best wishes,