Dtmf / touchtone issues with P20?

I have a P20 it seems to have an issue with dtmf. When I go through to IVR's they don't seem to recognise any choices when it asks to Press 1, 2, 3 etc Vodafone Tech Team have no clue what the issue is.. Any ideas? They just advised me to get a different phone. Thank you in advance.

Best answer by Max 13 March 2019, 17:51

Hi all,

Could you please try the following troubleshooting steps:

Open HiCare > Smart Diagnosis > Select the Manual Tab > Touchscreen > Perform the Test Diagnosis.

If the diagnosis fails, I would recommend having the device inspected by one of our engineers at the service center for a more hands-on approach.
For the UK region you can arrange the service booking via mail chat or hotline (at 08000886700 free of charge of course) via

To ensure a speedy process please bare in mind that the operator would need your private details such as Name; Model type; S/N; any documents related to the device, etc - please do mention that you have done the troubleshooting steps as mentioned on the forum and they will proceed to facilitate the service process.

Hope you found this helpful.
Best wishes,

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Hi cymruone2!

Sorry to hear about the issue that you are experiencing with your P20 phone :(

Can you please send me a private message with a few more details regarding the phone? I would require the phone's IMEI and Build number (both can be found in Settings > System > About phone). To send a private message, simply click on my name in the discussion post and, in the new window that appears, select "Send message". Please do not post any phone details on this discussion.

In the meantime, can you try this matter with a different SIM card? Just so we can check if it's an isolated matter or a general one.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi. I tried a new sim I had one from Vodafone when I got the new phone but just hadn't used it.
The situation hasn't changed. I'm not to happy giving imei number etc even on private message. What are those needed for? Are you a Huawei employee or a Community Member? Sorry if I'm being Paranoid!! Thanks
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Hey Cymruone2,

Don't worry! You can send your information to Max in a direct message. He is a Huawei Support Team-member, he works for Huawei and isn't a regular community member. 🙂

Hope this helps!
Hi I have sent a private message with the requested information. Any info as to what could be wrong or if it needs replacing or fixing
Hi Amy/Max. I posted the problem regards to dtmf issues.. Its showing as. Solved but it isn't. I supplied the requested information via private message but heard nothing. My phone still has the issue and I would like to know what's happening with my phone or Huawei to fix the problem. Thanks
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Hi Cymruone2,

Sorry for our late reply! I just asked Max to check out your message.
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I've replied to you through PM. I sincerely apologize for the delay. Please check the reply.

Hi, I can't use the keypad during calls to select options such 'press 1 for reception' etc. I've looked online and can't see anything related to the P20 that answers it, can anyone help please?
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Hi Kittycat,

Welcome on the Huawei Communtiy and thank you for your question! :8

Seems like you are not the only one with this problem. I moved your question to this thread.

As Max' asked above: could you try this matter with a different SIM card? So we can check if it's an isolated matter or a general one.
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One thing to try, I've seen this work in the past for other Android phones...

Open the dialer, press the 3 dots and then settings and go to Dialer Touch Tones. If it's set to none, change it to default and then restart the phone and try dialing a number and see if the DTMF tones now work. If it's already set to default then change it to none and change it back to default, restart the phone and then also try a call and see if the tones work.
Hello. I am having the same issues. I have tried the suggestion above but the problem persists. Is there a fix for this yet?

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have you tried this to fix
  1. Tap the phone icon
  2. Tap the Menu button (located in the upper right corner)
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Calls
  5. Tap Sounds and vibration
  6. Tap Dialpad Tones to enable
  7. Tap Dialpad tone length and select the option for Long
When I make a call that requires selections to be made by 'pressing number........' such as trying to listen to voicemail, touching the screen keypad is not recognised. Doesn't matter what number is pressed, nothing gets selected.

I have gone into settings and tried changing touch tones between 'none' 'default' and 'melody' but no difference is made.

Any ideas how to rectify please?
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Hi anh167,

Welcome on the community!

I moved your question to this thread. Is this the same issue? Please try rxy's fix and let us know if this sorted your issue. 🙂
Hi, I have a P20 lite. I have tried the suggested fixes and going into settings and changing touchtone from default to none then rebooting, then putting back to default and rebooting again. It seems to work for a couple of calls but then stops working.
Today I called my GP and had to select an option to get through. If it doesn't hear the selection you just get put back to the menu, stuck in a loop the only option was to hang up. Instead of going into to options I called a second time but the same problem so I hung up again. On my third attempt the touchtone made a sound, albeit very short, and it worked.
The problem has excited since I got the phone in July and is very disappointing.
This appears to be effecting many users so are Huawei working on a proper fix?
Max wrote:


I've replied to you through PM. I sincerely apologize for the delay. Please check the reply.


Max...Can you please share this advice?
New Honor 8x has the same issue.
Dtmf tones work until call is connected, then nothing.
If I were developer, I'd blame UI versions, not SIMs...
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Hello all,

Since this is a topic with no easy solution, mainly because each phone may have differences due to network or branding, and I notice that its a growing issue, I would like to ask for your assistance by pm-ing me with the details of the phones that have this issue, and by having patience until we can analyze and investigate this matter closely .
The detailes that we would need to get a clear picture of what could be causing this issues are :
  1. Build Number
  2. IMEI
  3. Network Provider
  4. Is the phone rooted or not?
  5. Is the phone locked to the respective network?

Since this is all sensitive details of the device i once again would like to remind you to not post them publicly and just send them via PM.

Hi Max,
Firstly thank you for your posting today as I was beginning to think that Huawei were going to ignore this issue and I would have to go back to using a Samsung mobile. Can you please post where and how we would find the answers to points 1 and 4?
> The details that we would need to get a clear picture of what could be causing this issues are...

Honor 8x JSN-L21 EMUI 8.2.0 Android 8.1.0 completely stock, unrooted
IMEI 8682740xxxxx
same behavior on 3 different SIMs from 2 countries, so you can rule it out 🙂
Hi Max,
I've got the same problem no DTMF touchtone on my P20
BuildNumber: EML-L29 GPUTurbo
IMEI: 8948*******
Android: 8.1.0
Provider: O2
not locked to a network

Any hotfix would be perfect.
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Please, don't post your personal details, such as your IMEI public. It's agains community guidelines. Please send a PM to Max if you need help regarding this issue.
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@Ringland69 to point 1 you can find the information in Settings> About phone
For point 4 > if the device is rooted within Developer options the device will prompt OEM - Unlocked - to access developer options on any android device - tap the build number several times until the phone prompts you with "You are now a developer"
Had the very same issue with my P9 handset. Took the phone to local vodaphone store, they said must be the handset so I got a replacement. Ended up having to use my landline to call Norway which cost almost £150.
got upgraded this year to P20 pro and having the same issue...very disappointed and not so far in to my contract I cannot change for another handset.
I'm having the same issue on P20 Pro. What's the status on this please. The phone generally is great, excellent camera etc, but it's almost unusable as a phone if the keypad tones don't work for automated answering systems.


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