Emui 9.1 P20Pro fingerprint sensor overheating

  • 22 August 2019
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Hi guys,

I got Emui 9.1 a few days ago and i have noticed fingerprint sensor is so hot you can't put your finger on it, seriously it burns! Anyone else has same problem and what to do or is it just me??

54 replies

Exactly the same here: Problem since 9.1: Finger sensor too hot and the battery discharges too fast. Solution?
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Hi all,

That doesn't sound good! Please try to reset your device. You will find a how-to here.

Will you let us know if this helped? If not, I will ask our support team to assist you. 🙂
My device has also just ran into this problem but my fingerprint sensor has just completely stopped working.

Was this issue ever resolved?

I have tried the reset suggestion
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Hi all!

We are sorry that you are experiencing these issues!

You can try one of the troubleshooting steps below :

  • Try to maintain an even swiping motion when performing an upward, downward or horizontal swipe on the fingerprint sensor. Ensure that your fingertip is in contact with a sufficient area of the fingerprint sensor.
  • When you press on the fingerprint sensor, try to press down quickly on as large as possible of an area of the sensor from a vertical angle.
  • If the issue persists, restart your phone and try again.
  • If the issue still persists, back up your data and take your phone and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.
Let me know if this helped!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further issues! You can send a private message as well, if you want this kind of assistance!

Have a lovely day!

All the best,
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Followed all the steps, nothing worked. I have contacted customer service centre, to my surprise they will not fix it as my phone had a fall ages ago and has a crack in the screen.

The problem is clearly software like for all my friends here, so either fix with a software update or be more flexible with your customers that had paid over £600 for your devices.

I love my phone but if it does not get sorted soon this will be my first and last Huawei, I was better off with Apple and their amazing customer service.
Hi there!

My fingerprint sensor started overheating earlier today, out of the blue. Now it no longer works and I'm concerned that the heat might damage some other parts of the phone.

I updated my software a little while ago, after the problem started. So far nothing has changed.

I am traveling in Indonesia at the moment, got my phone in Thailand (thus not covered by the warranty) in February and I'm originally from Brazil. It's rather hard for me to find a service centre.

Really love my phone, but this is a major disappointment since it's only a few months old.

Any suggestions?
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Suggestion is switch it off and use it to avoid all your papers from flying when you air the house.

Huawei has such poor customer service you would have expected them to have already sent a software update fixing but no. I hope they finally get banned so some people get away with this scam.
Hi, I have the same problem. A week ago I updated my P20 Pro to EMUI 9.1, all good until a few hours passed, then the fingerprint button started to have a very high temperature, you couldn't even put your finger for a few seconds.
I took it to my mobile company's store since it is under warranty and they say that since it has a small scratch (literally less than 1cm) on the part of the button they don't want to fix it if I don't pay € 200.
Hello, a week ago my Huawei P20 Pro was updated to EMUI 9.1. And after one day the fingerprint button has begun to burn very much, it gave off a lot of heat. Apart from this the same button has also stopped working. If the phone is switched off it returns to normal temperature, but if you turn it on, it will burn again after 5 seconds.

I have seen that other people have the same problem, Ihave taken it to my telephone company because I have the guarantee. They say that although the phone is under warranty, this problem arose because I have misused the mobile phone wic his totally uncertain.

If any Huawei official technician can answer this by giving me the reason to claim that it is not a bad use if not a failure of the update would be very helpful.

Thank you.
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I am making a formal complain to trading union and Consumers office in my country, I suggest everyone does the same.

£700 worth of phone with this kind of issues and such poor customer service, as much as I hate saying it makes me feel like going back to apple, any issues there they will take full responsibility.
Help please 😞
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@Melero That sounds like a serious problem. I have asked the Support Team to look into this for you. I have transferred your topic to https://uk.community.huawei.com/p20-series-31/emui-9-1-p20pro-fingerprint-sensor-overheating-6994

The same problem is discussed there with possible solutions.
I have the exact same issue like @Melero , it appeared exactly after update to EMUI 9.1. I even reset the phone to factory default, no changes. In addition, after using it for 1 week, because "luckly " I made the update when I was departing my vacation, a small dent appeared on the sensor, like it was hit with something, thing that clearly didn't happen. In my opinion this is the result of continuous thermal over-stress, it looks like the plastic film which covers the sensor shrank . If the retailer will see this issue it will reject my complain as misuse, and it is clearly not the case! The phone is 3 weeks old...really disappointing.

I have the exact same issue as described by @Sergiucid . The sensor started to overheat and then a small crack like appeared on it.
It all started after the update and moreover, I have sent the phone to local Huawei approved service, together with the warranty and they want to charge me 130$ to change the sensor together with the screen and battery... what the hell?? on account of allegedly mechanic damage to the sensor, which never happened.
Thanks a bunch Huawei!
Service name is esdservice (https://www.esdservice.ro)
Of course I will never pay anything to them, and more I will address local customer protection.
In my opinion Huawei are covering a problem with the latest firmware update and try to blame the users for thei shortcomings.
Too bad because the phone is really nice, but with a customer service as this I will never buy another. I will also let all my friends know about this.
@irutehe I just sent the phone to service, will probably get to the same service . They have the link to this thread as a complain. So please dear customer support, help us, it is not our fault !!!
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I have tried in so many different ways with them, I am awaiting for response to the very last email before taking them to court. What a disappointing company, you wouldn't believe they could be so cheap.
Dear Huawei support,
If you won't state that the overheating issue of the fingerprint was caused by a bug in EMUI 9.1 update, and that the overheating is causing the plastic deformation of the surface of the sensor that has the aspect of a "dent", I will buy a original fingerprint sensor and prove it by myself at an external lab. And afterwards we will go to court 🙂.
Sergiu, Electronic Engineer
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Hello all!

@Sergiucid has messaged me recently and we are trying to figure out the best solution together! I would recommend you to message me, so we can discuss more there!

Looking forward to your replies!

All the best,

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I have created a telegram channel for us to discuss and organise together, we could sue the company as a group.


Type that in your search bar and download telegram if you don't have it, for those who don't know is a messaging app like WhatsApp but bigger in privacy.

Hope we can get few of us to do it
Yep had exactly the same problem. Had the phone just over a year, no problems. Emui update. First of all speaker has lost its once bassy power and then out of the blue fingerprint scanner stopped working and the button got very hot consequently draining batter in a matter of hours. Taken it back to O2 as it's under warranty and repair centre won't cover it as they're saying I damaged it. I've always looked after it, it's always had a case and a screen protector
My fingerprint sensor has started overheating I have tried to restart the phone a number of times and nothing is working I'd like to know why I'm getting burnt when I try to unlock my phone.
My fingerprint sensor has started overheating I have tried to restart the phone a number of times and nothing is working I'd like to know why I'm getting burnt when I try to unlock my phone.
Has the fingerprint stopped working. Have you recently updated Emui

My fingerprint sensor has started overheating I have tried to restart the phone a number of times and nothing is working I'd like to know why I'm getting burnt when I try to unlock my phone.Has the fingerprint stopped working. Have you recently updated Emui

Yes I can no longer use the fingerprint sensor
As you can see there is a problem related to the EMUI update.
I want to know where do I send my phone to be checked and replaced/repaired, giving that services do not want to do that?
The phone was bought in April, you (Huawei) are causing a lot of grief because we are unable to use our phones right now!
Unhappy customer.