Face recognition stopped working

  • 8 March 2019
  • 8 replies

Using p20 pro. Face recognition used to work brilliantly and had set to automatically unlock with face when device picked up. No longer works, now requires swipe to unlock phone although nothing has been changed in settings. Any advice would be appreciated

8 replies

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Hi Moomin75, Welcome on the community!

Sorry to see that you are having issues with face unlock. Did you try it in different light? If it's not working, please try a reset. You can read a how to in this thread.

Will you keep us updated? 🙂
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You can go to Settings - Security & Privacy - Face recognition, set to Direct unlock and see if it helps!
Thanks bobo, I've already got that set but makes no difference. Works sporadically when phone has been restarted but only a couple of times.
It's crazing me!!
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Hi @Moomin75,

I wish to ask in regards to this, have you tried to perform a wipe cache partition?

Wipe cache partition from the Recovery menu by following the steps below:

1. Turn the device off completely.

2. Press and hold the volume up + power key at the same time, until you get into the recovery menu.

3. Select "Wipe cache partition" (navigate by using the volume keys and power button to select).

4. Confirm the action by selecting "Wipe cache partition" again.

5. At the end of this process, the recovery menu appears for the second time - select "Reboot system now".

Note: Please make sure to select Wipe cache partition, and not Wipe data/factory reset - the latter will erase all data on the internal storage of the device.

Best wishes,
I just had the same issue. I have only had my phone for a few days. I switched it off and back on again and this resolved the issue. I will keep track of this.
Mmmmmm this has literally just stopped working again. I have to swipe to unlock again. So frustrating 😤
Has anyone found a fix for this?
I found the fix.
Switch smart lock off.
Hope this helps someone.