Google assistant reminders are not giving me notifications.

  • 13 August 2019
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I have the P20, updated to earlier this week. From around Wednesday afternoon after I believe my phone updated the Google app my Google assistant reminders stopped going off. No sound and notification in the shade up top. So I uninstalled the Google app updates, cleared the cache and data and rebooted and it worked again just fine. So I did a bunch of reading up and it seems that Google is changing things so that reminders have to go through the G Assistant app instead of the Google app. I have both on my phone and the Google Assistant app is running. I've checked all the settings for both apps in as far as battery optimisation being off, notifications being allowed etc and those are all fine, I'd not changed anything myself anyway. I've tried retraining my voice a few times but everytime I update the Google app I stop getting the reminder notifications. I've had to turn off auto update in the play store which is a pain but at least I can have it work that way. Has anyone else had this issue or know why I'm having this issue please.

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