GPS Activity Tracker Issues

  • 1 October 2018
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I am having issues with GPS activity apps such as Map my walk, Strava, and OS Maps when recording activities. They either don't work at all, or start working then shut off after a very short time unknowingly. As this happens on different apps it makes me wonder if there is something not set up quite right on my phone. Has anyone else had these issues, and if so what was the fix please? My mobile data and location services are switched on so that shouldn't be the cause of the problem.

30 replies

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What mobile are you using?

Generally it could be battery management closing the application, ensure the application has full permissions amd turn off battery management for those applications.
It's an Honor 10. Im not sure what you mean about battery management though.
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Check settings, battery can you set apps on and off via that menu, battery management means if available and on the phone will stop an app to save power.
Hi - have the standard P20 and having big problems with Google maps and other map services. It doesnt track my position when following a route and continuously says "looking for GPS" or something similar. Its only 4 weeks old and of course the provider says nothing to do with them.
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Hi Daveaitken,

Welcome on the Huawei Community!

I moved your question to this topic on GPS activity. Could you please check if Chillphones answer is the solution to your issue? If not, please let us now! 🙂
HI All
I am having a Huawei P20 Pro, and I have the same issue. My timeline in google maps is not showing even after the proposed changes.
I also found an external link which suggested the following steps, but that has not helped either to resolve this issue permanently.

This is not the same issue with my wife's phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S8 and it also has battery optimisation enabled, but on my phone even after turning off battery optimisation it does not work.

Using the below procedure it worked for one day and then it stopped again:

Huawei support advice:
  1. Settings > Apps and notifications > Apps > Google Maps> Storage > Clear data/Clear Cache.
  2. Go to Settings > Security and privacy > Location services > and use High accuracy.
  3. Then you have to return to Settings > Applications and notifications > Applications > More > Reset app preferences. At the end of the process restart the phone.
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Hey Jimmax777,

Sorry for the late reply. Did the Huawei Support advice solved this issue? Or do you still need assistance? Please let me know! 🙂
Hi Amy

No the issue is not resolved.
There is no way to get it working.
I have uninstalled the app and re-installed it too and I have also factory reset the phone too, but unfortunately it doesn't.

So since I bought the P20 Pro, the pre-order batch in UK, all my Timeline is 0 now and nothing in my timeline.
I used to love the Google timeline and used it for repeat trips, etc. but now I have to work out everything and I have to use a separate device (tomTom) for making my trips for navigation.
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Hi Jimmax777,

Sorry to hear of the situation. Since you have already done a factory reset, the only remaining cause can be a hardware issue with the device.
In such a situation the best course of action would be to send the device into one of our service centers and have our technicians take a more hands on approach to the situation.
To facilitate this, within the UK region we offer a postal repair service. A booking for the repair can be made via mail, chat or hotline at .

Hope you find this helpful.
Best wishes,
Since so many people have reported this issue, and not suggested to be resolved, do you really think that this is a possible hardware issue?
Hi Jimmax777
I am with you that the problems are bigger than just your phone. I have had to stop using mapmywalk on my new Huawei p smart. It worked fine on my old Samsung but I needed more memory and was recommended the Huawei in-store. Yes the 32 Gig memory is great but when I use mapmywalk my battery runs out after about 6 miles!!! Back in store they said to enable battery saver but then GPS connectivity is rubbish, they also shut down other apps that I use regularly to save power. I never had any power problems with my old Samsung. Today two of my walking pals told me that mapmywalk stops after 3.6 miles on both of their new Huawei phones. They've tried alsorts to resolve the problem. I think Huawei have a general problem with their basic phone software management that they need to resolve. I now carry two phones on a walk! My next phone will be a Samsung again.
EXACTLY the same issue here. And I'm not alone. Speaking to my service provider they won't replace the phone because Huawei won't recognise it's a hardware issue, so I'm going round in circles trying to fix my brand new phone.

Not only can I not use any services with GPS, my microphone doesn't work, so I can only make calls on speaker. Great!

Even better the HCare service app doesn't work on the device either so I can't log a fault with this.

Any chance of a recognition of this bug please so I can return it and get a decent phone?

Very impressed.
I'm having the same issue with my P20 Pro. I've contacted support and they walked me through some basic troubleshooting which I had previously tried. The next step is:

"In this case, I can create a service ticket for you in order for our team in charge check if there are any software patches available of if we will need to do a rollback on your phone while the update is fixed."

I've been told to expect a 48 to 72 hour delay before receiving an update.
Same problem here on my p20 pro. My GPS cannot hold a proper fix and Google map "Navigator" will constantly be searching for GPS signal. I've download an app called "GPS Status" to see the current status of my hardware and it constantly triggers between "Waiting for fix", "GPS Fix", "Unusable" and "Disable". So it has to be something with the GPS antenna or the coding. It surely can be a hardware problem as this is reported since May or earlier in 2018.

I have the phone since September and it only started to bug since a few days. I've done all the above cache and data clearing as well as deactivating the battery management app.

I had this problem before when I bought the phone, but it was the battery management app that was closing apps while running in the background.

Whoever fault is this, the only person responsable is Huawei. All other brand using Android aren't facing such issues, so why would Huawei wait on Android to change their app? huawei as enough man power to find a solution to this. So why are you guys not updating users with proper coding since almost a year? That just sounds like widely spread hardware issue.

See attached.
Hi again,

I might have a proper fix for this GPS issue. Try the following.

From what I've tested so far, the issue comes from an app update whi doesn't match a software update.

If you've already tried a factory reset, make sure to do the following:

1. Back up your data
2. Factory reset
3. In order to check if it's a hardware problem, while setting up the phone, do NOT restore ANY of your data. Simply log into a WiFi and have the phone "blank".
4. Open Play Store and download "GPS Status".
5. Open GPS Status and click the GPS icon to open the GPS details.
6. Observe for a few minutes the GPS status (upper left corner). It should be showing "GPS Fix" and stay like this. See attachment. Note also that you should have many bars down the screen (these are different GPS) and they should be yellow.
7. If the GPS status varies all the time from "GPS Fix" to "Waiting for fix" to "Usuable" to "Disable", then you definitely have a hardware problem. Double check your phone is not restoring you app and bring the phone to the seller.

8. If the GPS status stays on "GPS fix", your problem is probably similar to mine and will most likely be fixed with the following steps.
9. Reset you phone again. To do so, click on the Settings app and type "reset" on the search bar.
10. During the setup, deactivate any option that are related to 1. Automatic update for your phone, 2. Automatic update for your apps, 3. WiFi+, and 4. Weather app location.
11. Restore your app and Google account as normal.
12. As soon as you have access to your home screen, open Play Store.
13. Go to settings and uncheck/deactivate the automatic update for your applications.
14. While your apps are being uploaded, open GPS Status and watch carefully the GPS Status (see point 5, 6, 7 up here). It should normally remain on "GPS Fix".

Hope that will work for you. So far it does for me. I tried before without deactivating the automatic updates for the applications and I still had the issue after a few hours. So make sure you deactivate the automatic update for apps and Android plateforme.

Let me know!

Samuel Trepanier
I stared having issues since my p20 pro update to android 9 . just unistalled google play services (testing now) but already done factory resets and what i was told to do with tech (via emails). i use gps for pokemon go but i be afraid to use for driving lol. will read through the above posts. hope an answer comes soon.
Hey guys, last update on my fix possibilities.
In the end it did NOT work. Trying it won't hurt anything, so go ahead, but the problem started again after 48 hours.

It's very strange. My provider told me it was confirmed by Huawei that the GPS issue was related to the new 9.0 UI update.

I had to argue with them but in the end they gave me a new phone. I've turned the auto update OFF and weird enough after 4 days the phone automatically updated to 8.1.0.

Ill make sure to stick to this version.

Keep me posted!

Samuel Trépanier
So confirmed by Hauwei it was the version 9 update? I been saying to Hauwei for a month now that what I believe. But only answers I get the same old reset ur phone and apps (which do nothing). You can restart the phone but after you start to move (esp quickly or in a car) it starts to forget whee in the universe it is. Takes few minutes to notice its move. And always off by 100 ft as it drifts (and yes this outside in open area).

Hope they can patch problem soon as my smart phone don't seem to smart atm.
Used HiSuite and set back to android 8.1 now GPS is fine again
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Hi all,

Thank you for taking your time to report on the situation and providing us with further information.

We have taken your feedback, opinions and comments into account and escalated the provided information further to the appropriate departments.

Could you kindly PM me in private with the following: Serial Number of the device, and current Build Number? Also please let me know if this issue has began happening only after the latest EMUI 9 software update.

Should we have any news, we will keep you updated on the situation!

Best wishes,
"Dear Randolph,

Thank you for contacting Huawei e-mail support and for showing interest and preference in our products. We will be more than happy to assist you regarding your Huawei P20 Pro update issues.

According to our latest records about the P20 Pro's CLT-L04 version update this is what we have gotten:
From: Charlotte-L04C
To: Charlotte-L04C

Allow us to inform us that the GPS's performance will be optimized in the next software update and it is expected to be released by the end of this March."

Huawei Support (Canada)

So hoping fix be here next update this month
"Dear Randolph,

Thank you for contacting Huawei e-mail support and for showing interest and preference in our products. We will be more than happy to assist you regarding your Huawei P20 Pro update issues.

According to our latest records about the P20 Pro's CLT-L04 version update this is what we have gotten:
From: Charlotte-L04C
To: Charlotte-L04C

Allow us to inform us that the GPS's performance will be optimized in the next software update and it is expected to be released by the end of this March."

Huawei Support (Canada)

So hoping fix be here next update this month

I have the same problem with The new 9.0 UI update in my Huawei p20, in apps like Nike NRC, i hope that this update fix the problem.
Add me to the list. Just updated from an LG G6 to a P20 (great price, plus a poke in the eye for DT).

It immediately did a bunch of updates, including to Pie. The GPS on here is utterly useless. Where I hike it seems to have giant gaps in the track when using GeoTrack (a great app that I found when Google killed off My Tracks.)

This is really a deal breaker for me. I need this function each and every day for business. Judging by the hundreds of complaints on the Internet it seems to be a Huawei issue.

A post above mentioned an update coming by "the end of March." Since that's from Huawei Canada can I expect to see it soon? Or, how can I tell if it has already been applied to my phone? (on Koodo/Telus)

Barry Rueger

For anyone that's wondering, here's Huawei Canada's stellar advice. The problem is solved? (Yeah, as if...)

Dear Barry,

Thank you for contacting Huawei Canada e-mail support.

The Phone's GPS positioning function may be affected by multiple elements, such as the weather and tall buildings. Restart your phone and please use the GPS in open spaces where the signal is stronger, for example, on the street or in open plazas.

• Positioning works better in open spaces with a clear view of the sky. In built-up urban areas, the GPS signal may be weaker, resulting in less accurate positioning.
• Metal cases can interfere with the GPS signal. If your phone has a metal case, remove it and try again.
• Check whether your car navigation system is interfering with the GPS signal, and remove any metal protective covers from the windshield. If the issue persists, see if you can receive a GPS signal outside the car. Some cars may interfere with the GPS signal.

Generally, the information of civil GPS is accurate within 10 meters. However, the GPS receiver may receive deviated signals because of trees and clouds. To improve positioning accuracy:

• Update the GPS software and map to get the latest traffic information.
• Go to settings > location and select both the GPS satellite and Wi-Fi network from the location sources.

After trying the previous troubleshooting, please perform the steps below:

Settings > System > Reset > Reset network settings.

This will reset the device general network settings to the default configurations (e.g. Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth settings, Cellular data, etc).

If you would like to know more about your phone’s specifications and features please visit the link below:

We hope you find this information useful, Barry.

Best regards,

I replied to them, explaining that yes, this is a real problem, and asking when or if it would be addressed. Here's what I got back:

Dear Barry,

Thank you for contacting Huawei mail support.

This is an issue that was resolved with a firmware update. Please check if your device is up to date by going to Settings > System > System update > Check for updates.

If your device is up to date then the issue would be hardware related and it would be necessary to send it for repair.

To verify your warranty please reply to this email with the serial number of your device (Settings > System> About phone > Status > Serial Number) or a proof of purchase.

If you require additional support, please visit the link below:

Best regards,