GPS Activity Tracker Issues

  • 1 October 2018
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I am having issues with GPS activity apps such as Map my walk, Strava, and OS Maps when recording activities. They either don't work at all, or start working then shut off after a very short time unknowingly. As this happens on different apps it makes me wonder if there is something not set up quite right on my phone. Has anyone else had these issues, and if so what was the fix please? My mobile data and location services are switched on so that shouldn't be the cause of the problem.

I have the same problem with my huawei p20,my Emui version is (actually the last version), i have problems with Google Maps, NRC Nike Run Club app. plz help me fix it, my device is only 4 months old.
I have same issue. I always used Map my Walk with my samsung,no problems... Got the P20 a week ago and not GPS tracking on map my walk, no distance tracking nothing. It's useless.
I tried a few suggestions in this thread, I am not convinced they will help. I will walk tomorrow and find out.

I will try the system update... Current version is, the update is to

I am not techy.. but I think this update is what is suggested although the update does not mention anything about GPS updates.

Help. I want to love my Huawei but this is making is hard to do.
Hello guys,

I recently bought my Huawei Honor Magic 2, and I having the same problem with Tracker...

I've already released all GPS usage permissions for all google apps and services.
I've disabled power save mode and put all apps for manual management.
I noticed that the GPS icon only stays active when I'm in some application that is using it, I do not know if it's working in the background.

Also, there are some bugs that bother me and I'll leave the photo of them:
1 - I can not click on "Google Location History" in google rewards, simply nothing happens, does not open window or anything. Being that in the cellular of other brands it works.
2 - When I click on "Paused location history" google maps tries to open a screen, but the process closes on time. I've already released all permissions, both on my google account, and the location permissions on my gadget.
3 - In my google maps account, the tracking "location history" is always disabled, I can not activate it. And even by clicking on it, nothing happens.

I tried to contact Huawei Brasil, but it only has the standard service of "enable it, disable it" and says that because my cell phone is from china, it can not help me anymore. Also, it says that if it did not work turn on and off location, it is a hardware problem, something you can see in the forum that is not.

I am very disappointed with the brand in several subjects.

Hello everyone, I wonder if a few people can give this a try.

I use an app called Geo Tracker on my P20. ( I've used it for years, since Google killed off My Tracks, and this is the first time that I've had problems.

Today while using it I decided to also run the GPS Test app ( It seems that if GPS Test is running at the same time I now get a good steady track in GPS Tracker.

It would be good if a few other people could try running GPS Test alongside whatever app they usually use with GPS, and see if they get the same result.


Hi all,

New to the forum. 🙂 I`ve just got the P20 Pro and unfortunately I`m having similar problems to those listed above. GPS/GPS apps not working. I use the Map My Walk app every day to log and record my walks. However, after updating the system software to version 9.0.0 this no longer works at all. It`ll start but then after a few minutes it just stops and nothing is logged or recorded. I`ve checked various things mentioned above but have not done a reset of the phone. I don`t really want to do that unless it`s completely needed.

I really like the P20 Pro, it`s a really nice phone but I`m really disappointed the software update has caused MMW to not work.

Is there any sort of fix for this issue? Will a new software update be released to fix things up?