Huawei P20 Lite Wifi problem

Hi all,

After last upgrade when i connect my company's wifi, phone shows top up "Log in into wifi" i touch it and it try to redirect me connectivitycheck.platform but no page opens.

In same network other phones works without problem. I have restarted my all network settings and tried.

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First image shows my wifi settings which i was using without problem before last upgrade of EMUI, i was connecting with same settings and no attention box shown as second image.

After upgrade, attention shows on top of menu with question mark and says " sign in to a wi-fi network" and when i touch it it try to connect connectivycheck... page but there is blank page shows.
Try turning off private DNS under wifi settings..
Already turned off
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@coskunm , just to confirm, you've done the following?

Go in the setup, Wifi & Network when Wifi is Off, you can view and change Private DNS settings from to automatic. Save. Put the Wifi On. It should work now.
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Is there anyone to help me ?

Sorry for the lack of replies. Unfortunately the community do not seem to have an answer for your query. Please reach out to our official support channels if you still need assistance:
not work
Is there anyone to help me ?
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Hi @coskunm,

In that case, please contact our support team directly for help: