Huawei: Should we be worried about the Chinese tech giant? What do you think?

  • 29 March 2019
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Is it safe to use Huawei phones? We're safe?

What is that?

8 replies

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I don't think there's any evidence of Huawei spying on us apart from collecting personal data from our phones, which every other provider of services does, most notably Goggle and also Xiaomi.

In fact Xiaomi's strategy is to sell hardware at almost cost, and make their money from harvesting personal data. Even the calculator and video player apps have a privacy policy as long as your arm. If you want to know what data they collect, it can be easily paraphrased by everything.

But back to Huawei. While there's no evidence of spying, a law passed in China has made everyone nervous. The law says that private companies must assist the government if asked to do so. So theoretically Huawei could be asked to spy for the government.

The Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei says he would close the company before complying with such a request.

So what about spying? Well we really don't want the Chinese to covertly spy on us do we? No. We want to be able to covertly spy on the Chinese lol.

You may have guessed, I'm taking it all with a pinch of salt :-)


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Your theory @picitup , as a fanboy of the brand is not bad.

Now the reality is very different.

Huawei is already the Chinese government, there are no barriers.

Get informed and study , bro
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I don't think I'm paranoid, but I know a lot of other people do. 🙂
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They (Huawei) don't seem bothered about security..If they were..You wouldn't have November security updates on your P20 pro's..It's April now
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To be honest, I'm more worried about a no-deal Brexit, climate change, encroaching old-age, and the state of what passes for contemporary music.

Seriously though, as @picitup says above, all tech companies gather our data. It's the price we pay for the convenience of living in a 'smart world'.

The concerns in the BBC Panorama programme were actually about Huawei's involvement in the UK's 5G network. While it's right to be cautious on the national security level, I think that the US Government's bullying tactics over this are more due to economic fears about the growth of China, rather than possible security threats. Anyway, if the Chinese really wanted to spy on us they would surely just plant devices in all the products that they make for Apple 🙂
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Yes @Jmoon I just watched the Panorama program today and agree it's more about economics than spying. I remember the US's paranoia about communism some years ago hence the saying 'there's a red under the bed' lol. Sounds like the panic hasn't quite subsided yet.

I'm sure a lot of us remember 'weapons of mass destruction' and.... there weren't any. Egg on our faces and the US too.

We're probably more under threat from a 12 year old in his bedroom hacking his way through our networks.