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Hello Amy and Everyone I have just got got here, I got my first ever Huawei phone a few days ago on contact with O2. I have the P20 as it had the specs I was looking for. As a Radio Amateur I use quite a few app some of them need the the compass sensor that the P20 has, my previous phone (Not a Huawei) did not have that feature. Now for the question, l down loaded and printed the full manual (double sided pages) put them in
poly-pockets in a folder as I would rather read from paper tham a screen,
Anyway the the manual download on Adobe Acrobat says 149 pages, but there is only 143 pages the last page and last paragraph heading "OBTAINING HELP" with three lines ending visit http://consumer.huawei.com/en/ for more information. Is this the last page or am I missing something 🙂

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I think that's the last page but if you do have help we are a friendly bunch of consumers who will try and find a resolution, failing that there are members who also work for Huawei so your answer shouldn't be too far away.

You could of always saved the pdf to your phone and then with pdf use the search to find what your after.

Good luck with your ham radio , I'm sure there are plenty of related apps too in the play store
Hiya Thanks for the quick reply, yes it looks as 143 is the last page, I think I know what happened the first few pages of contents are numbered in roman numerals lol. They make up the missing pages at the end.
I should have noticed that sooner and not doing this post, but I suppose it has broke the ice with the community.
Your right there are loads of apps on Google play store, as well as Windows and iPhone.
I Would use around 25 to 30 obviously bee careful about the memory. 🙂
Thanks for your good wishes about the Amateur / Ham Radio. It is a great hobby I have been a into it for quite a few years. THANKS AGAIN


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